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Tompkins College Center

Title IX Coordinator:
Amy Porter
Cressman Library 318
610-606-4666 x4588

Title IX Officials with Authority (OWA’s) and Responsible Employees

Who is an Official With Authority (OWA) at Cedar Crest?

Officials With Authority are those individuals on campus who have the authority to institute corrective measures for issues related to Title IX. This includes the Assistant Dean of Students/ Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinators, Vice President of Student Success and Engagement, Chief of Campus Police, Director of Residence Life, President, Provost, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer, and the Director of Athletics, Wellness and Recreation.

Who is a responsible employee (mandated reporter) at Cedar Crest?

All College employees (faculty, staff, and student employees) are considered Responsible Employees and are mandated to report disclosures of sexual violence, including sexual harassment and sex or gender based discrimination, stalking, retaliatory harassment, and criminal behavior that they become aware of occurring on College property, at a College event, or allegedly involving a member of the College community (faculty, staff, or student).

Why are all employees considered responsible employees (mandated reporters)?

Cedar Crest College has legal obligations under certain federal civil rights laws such as Title IX, Title VI, Title VII, the Clery Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Age Discrimination Act, among other applicable laws, to promptly address any incident of certain discrimination or criminal behavior prohibited by these laws and put in place measures to prevent recurrence. Cedar Crest expects all members of the campus community to share in the responsibility for ensuring that the College environment is free from any form of abuse, violence, verbal or physical intimidation.

Is there anyone who is not a responsible employee (mandated reporter) on Campus?

Yes. Employees who are specifically trained and licensed to be confidential are not mandatory reporters when they are acting in a confidential capacity. The following are confidential employees:

Health providers

Where do responsible employees (mandated reporters) report?

Disclosures of sexual violence, including sexual harassment and sex or gender based discrimination, stalking, and retaliatory harassment must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.
Criminal conduct, including sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, stalking, and retaliatory harassment should be reported to Campus Safety.
Filing an online incident report (for non-emergencies) satisfies the mandatory reporting obligation to the Title IX Coordinator

What information do I include in a report?

Include as much information as you have. Mandated reporters should not conduct their own investigation, however, they may ask “how can I help?” and “what do you need?” If you learn of the following information, please include in your report:

  • names of all involved parties including the complainant, accused, and witnesses
  • date, time, and location of alleged incident
  • any details of the incident shared by the complainant
  • whether the complainant requested confidentiality
  • whether the complainant requested no action be taken
  • any other relevant facts

If someone discloses an incident to me, should I tell them I’m responsible for reporting it?

There is no requirement to disclose you are a responsible employee to someone who is giving you information. However, if someone trusts you enough to share the information with you, it is usually helpful in maintaining a trusting and reliable relationship to disclose that you are a responsible employee (mandated reporter). Here are some suggestions as to what you can say:

“I am sorry this happened to you. It sounds like a stressful situation. As you may know, I am a responsible employee on campus and I am required to report any incident I learn of that is [insert issue], and I want to make sure you are connected with the appropriate resources on campus. I need to report this to the Title IX Coordinator, who will reach out to you first before anything else happens (unless there is clear threat or evidence of present harm to self, others, or community, in which case you would immediately call Campus Police). If you want to keep it confidential, please let them know. We also have confidential resources on campus through Health and Counseling Services or in the community if you would like confidential support.”

Are there times where I am not responsible employee (mandated reporter)?

You are a responsible employee when you are acting in your capacity as an employee, or perceived to be acting in your capacity as an employee. However, disclosures made at community-wide awareness events such as candlelight vigils, protests, “survivor speak outs,” or other community-wide events or forums in which students may disclose an incident does not trigger a reporting obligation.

What if someone asks me not to report what they are telling me?  Can I withhold reporting if in order to maintain a trusting relationship?

No. You are still required to report information you become aware of. However, you may provide support to the person who has disclosed an incident by letting them know about confidential resources - such as Health and Counseling Services or the Employee Assistance Program. 

You can also let the person know that information reported is only disclosed to the Title IX Coordinator and/or Campus Police whose offices treat the information as privately as possible.  Both offices may also be able to provide supportive measures that can help the individual. Finally, the person who disclosed (absent evidence of harm or threat to self, others, or community, pattern, predation, violence, or use of weapon) has the power to decide if they want the College to do nothing or if they want the College to move forward with further action.

What if I am not sure if an incident should be reported? Who should I talk to?

Please contact:

Executive Director of Human Resources/TIX Coordinator – Lisa Garbacik,, Blaney Hall, Room 104, 610-606-4666 x3584
Chief of Campus Police – Mark Vitalos,, 610-606-4666 x 3523
Provost – Bob Wilson,, Blaney Hall 116, 610-606-4666 x3474