Campus Post Office

Seth Rehrig - Manager of Printing & Postal Services
610-606-4666 ext. 3317
Plant Services/Security Building


Regular Window Hours
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday 10am – Noon
Sunday Closed

Summer Window Hours
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Dates and times vary and will be announced prior to each holiday

The campus post office provides a variety of mailing services to the campus community. Below you will find more information on the services provided.


Stamps are available for purchase at the window during regular hours.

Packages can be sent via USPS (by 3:45pm) and UPS (by 3:00pm).

The campus mail slot is located outside the Campus Post Office at the end of the mailboxes, near the outside door. All campus mail may be placed here during or after hours. Next to the campus mail slot is an outgoing mail slot.

The following mail supplies are available at no charge: priority, flat rate and express envelopes, boxes mailers, change of address cards and recycled packing material, when available.

Courier pick-up and delivery services are available on and off campus for college departments, subject to courier’s availability. Please send request via email or call the mailroom coordinator at x 3641 at least 24 hours prior to allow time for scheduling. The campus courier makes two mail runs per day to all campus offices; one before noon and the other between 1pm and 3:30pm.

The correct address for student incoming mail is:

First and Last Name
Box #_____ Cedar Crest College
100 College Drive
Allentown, PA 18104

Each resident student is provided a new key to his or her campus mailbox at the beginning of the fall semester. Commuter, lifelong learning and graduate students may also request a student mailbox at no charge. If a mailbox key is lost or a student leaves and does not return the key directly to the mailroom, a charge of $50.00 will be assessed for replacement of the lock and keys. This charge will appear on your student account.