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Cedar Crest Student

Student Success and Engagement

Student Success and Engagement

Purpose and Values

The division of Student Success and Engagement (SSE) educates and empowers Cedar Crest students to be independent and engaged learners and active members of their communities. We offer programs and services that support academic achievement; guide students in the purposeful and continual development of their skills and abilities; promote wellbeing; and remove barriers to ensure an accessible, inclusive, and equitable student experience.
The work we do in SSE is guided by the following values. We welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding how we can best embody these values to meet the needs of Cedar Crest students.

We value Relationships and Responsibility. We serve as advocates for students while empowering them to assume increasing levels of confidence in, and responsibility for, their talents and abilities. 

We base our relationships with students on realistic assessment and goal setting, accuracy, and respect that both supports and challenges each student. We actively seek and respond to feedback from students and colleagues. We demonstrate our concern for others through decisions, words, and actions based on respect, integrity, accuracy, and care. We commit to developing policies, procedures, processes, and resources after detailed evaluation and respectful consideration that values individual strengths and talents while creating opportunities for growth with compassion.

We value Trust and Communication. We value integrity, open communication, assessment, and evaluation that demonstrates the impact of our work.

We commit to frequent and transparent communication with all members of the College community. We consider and implement diverse methods of communication that are responsive and appropriate for different audiences. We demonstrate concern for others in all communications and decisions, foster trust through effective and equitable communication practices, and hold ourselves accountable for the impacts of our words and actions.

We value Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging. We value one another’s differences, place inclusion at the forefront of our decisions, validate the practices necessary to advance this work, and take action to influence equitable solutions.

We demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion by developing initiatives that eliminate barriers to equal access; broadening our appreciation for the contributions of individual perspectives, abilities, and identities; and promoting shared responsibility for inclusion, equity, and belonging. We create opportunities for students to discover, explore, respect, and celebrate all aspects of our diverse community. We hold ourselves accountable for these aims and engage in ongoing learning, listening, adapting, and growing so that we can promote an environment in which all members of our community are valued as their full and authentic selves.

We value Collaboration. We are committed to collective goals, breaking out of silos and intentionally working together to advance the mission of the College.

We partner together, share knowledge and expertise, and foster the development of a shared vision for an integrated student experience. We keep all members of the College community informed and involved with our offices, programs, and services and use these as opportunities to build collaboration and connections throughout our community. We cultivate strong working relationships within the division of Student Success and Engagement and all other departments of the College. We foster an environment where students are encouraged to actively collaborate with each other and the community to deepen their educational journey and extend the mission of the College.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you. Get to know us, too!

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