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Cedar Crest Student

Student Success and Engagement

Student Success and Engagement
Who We Are

Office of the Vice President and the Dean of Students

Vice President of Student Success and Engagement
Calley Stevens Taylor                
ext. 4628, Cressman

Office Manager                                                                        
Alicia Shussett 
ext. 4628, Cressman

Assistant Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Amy Porter
ext. 4588, Cressman

Director of Persistence and Support Resources                           
Lynnsae Powers
ext. 4461, Cressman

Director of Student Accessibility Services                                   
Crystal Stubbs  
ext. 4462, Cressman

Academic Services and Student Success

Director of Academic Services and Student Success                    
Anna Eichner                           
ext. 3776, Cressman

Professional Tutor - Nursing                                                      
Timothy Sullivan  
ext. 4570, Hamilton

Academic Advisor (Intended Nursing)
Sonny Lemmons
ext. 3428, Cressman

Academic Advisor                                                                     
Lisa Johnson                            
ext. 4567, Cressman

Office of Student Engagement

Director of Student Engagement                                               
Olivia Miller                             
ext. 3442, Tompkins

Assistant Director of Student Engagement                                 
Kaleah Torgerson                     
ext. 3452, Tompkins

Career Development and Community Engagement

Director of Career Development and Community Engagement
Michele Moyer                         
ext. 4403, Tompkins

Assistant Director for Community Engagement and Leadership Development
Takyra Batz
Ext. 3392, Tompkins

Administrative Assistant                                                           
Susan Huber  
ext. 3401, Butz Hall

Residence Life

Director of Housing and Residence Life                                      
Ken Lastowka 
ext. 3351, Butz Hall

Assistant Director of Residential Education & Leadership            
Alexis Trionfo                           
ext. 4650, Butz Hall

Graduate Area Coordinator                                                      
Abigail Martin                          
ext. 3570, Butz Hall

Administrative Assistant                                                           
Sue Huber   
ext. 3401, Butz Hall

International Student Services 

Director of International Student Services                                  
Jonathan Summers                   
ext. 4587, Allen House

Assistant Director of International Student Services                    
Rosanna Cabatic                      
ext. 3591, Allen House

International Programs Coordinator                                          
Lindsey Hutterer                       
ext. 4082, Allen House