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Traditional Admissions

Christiana Vandegrift

Class of 2020
Exercise Science Major
Sport and Exercise Psychology Minor
Admissions Ambassador
First-Year Experience Mentor

Christiana (Christi) Vandegrift has dedicated her time at Cedar Crest to the growing field of health sciences. She is an exercise science major with a minor in sport and exercise psychology. The Cedar Crest health science program includes biology, chemistry, psychology and business coursework that all serve as a foundation for further clinical training. The curriculum prepares students for certification or licensure as technicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists or technologists in specific areas of patient care.

Christi knew she wanted to go on to be a physical therapist and wanted to focus on learning both inside and outside of the classroom. She sought help from her advisor and health sciences chair, Diane Babbit, Ph.D. Who connected Christi with a local physical therapy practice to help Christi get firsthand experience with her future profession and gain hands-on practice.

“That experience is priceless. There is no value I can put on that,” said Christi.
Christi has also found career preparation through a number of leadership positions on campus including Admissions Ambassador, a First-Year Experience mentor and president of the Exercise Science Club. “Becoming a FYE mentor helped me find my place in the community and connected me with other campus leadership opportunities,” said Christi.

From the exercise science lab to admissions events, Christi has made the most of her Cedar Crest experience and it has prepared her for life after graduation. Next year, Christi will take the next step toward her physical therapy career in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

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