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Daria Warner

Major: Business Administration
Health Care Management and Human Resources Certificates
Class of 2021 

Daria Warner ’21 is making her mark at Cedar Crest College. She is majoring in business administration with certificates in health care management and human resources. Outside of class, Warner is a member of the Student Activities Executive Board, the Student Advisory Council, the school’s Racial Equity Committee, is head Resident Advisor of Butz and Curtis Halls, works in the athletics department and the Finance Office and is on the soccer and track teams.

Through her Student Activities Board (SAB) role and involvement with athletics, she helped plan Black Lives Matter Week, which took place October 12-17, 2020. A collaborative effort between the Black Student Union (BSU), the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), athletics and SAB, the week featured a variety of programs and events, including a movie showcase, a spoken word poetry night, a demonstration and a self-care event. “I think that the importance of having the week at Cedar Crest was to show solidarity,” Warner says. “We needed to give people opportunities to have conversations, or just to sit back and listen.”

As a member of the Racial Equity Committee, she has seen how the Committee has been able to reveal and work to solve different issues of bias and racism in our community. The Committee, consisting of faculty, staff, trustees, current students and alumnae along with the President and the Chair of the Board, is charged with assessing areas of opportunity to deepen and expand initiatives to address racism and to create a culture of inclusion. Warner is a member of the Student Social Experience working group. “The student committee members all come from different backgrounds and ethnicities. It’s a diverse group of people,” she says.

Warner hopes to bring her values of inclusivity, diversity and open-mindedness wherever she goes. “At Cedar Crest, I hope to be somebody that anyone can talk to, whether about something random, or about race or an injustice that you or somebody else experienced,” Warner says. Promoting an inclusive and open mindset, Warner hopes more students at Cedar Crest will try to connect with individuals of different identities and backgrounds.

After graduation, Warner will continue her education at Cedar Crest in the MBA program. She is considering entering the health care administration field where she can combine her interests in finance and health care. Warner will also continue to play soccer and run track as a graduate student.

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