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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Information

Prevention Programs
CCC has developed a program to prevent the illicit use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students and employees. The program provides services related to drug use and alcohol abuse including dissemination of informational materials, educational programs, counseling services, referrals and CCC disciplinary actions. However, many services are the responsibility of other areas of the College.

These include:

  • Alcohol and Drug Education: Campus Police (Phone: 610-437-4471)
  • Counseling Services: Health Services (Phone: 610-606-4640)
  • Referral Services: Health Services (Phone: 610-606-4640)
  • College Disciplinary Actions: Dean and Associate Dean of Student
    Affairs (Phone: 610-606-4603)

Legal Sanctions - Laws Governing Alcohol
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania sets 21 as the minimum age to purchase or possess any alcoholic beverage.

Specific ordinances regarding violations of alcohol laws, including driving while intoxicated, are available from Campus Security. However, a few very important sections are listed below:

  1. Persons under age 21 charged for possessing alcohol under Pennsylvania law may be given a maximum fine of $1,000 and face a suspension of their driving privileges.
  2. Anyone convicted of fraudulently using a driver’s license to buy or attempt to buy alcohol may have her/his driver’s license suspended for up to 90 days, as well as face substantial fines.
  3. Persons convicted of buying alcohol through fraudulent means face a possible $1,000 fine and face a suspension of their driving privileges.
  4. Effective February 2004 the legal level of driving under the influence of alcohol was reduced to .08 in Pennsylvania.
  5. The City of Allentown maintains an open container of alcohol ordinance. Anyone convicted of such a violation faces a fine of $500. A violation of any law regarding alcohol is also a violation of CCC’s Student Code of Conduct and will be treated as a separate disciplinary matter by CCC.


Campus Police
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