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Blaney Hall

Enhancing Collective Responsibility

Security PatchGetting Everyone Involved
At the beginning of each academic year, orientations are scheduled where all of Campus Police ’s crime-prevention and security programs are explained. Students are also informed during orientation sessions about Campus Police procedures and practices. The sessions may also include presentations by Campus Police officers, local law enforcement officers and other safety officials, as deemed appropriate. Students can view crime-prevention video tapes, check out a scriber to engrave their valuables and receive a free whistle as well as other crimeprevention information and brochures.

Throughout all security programs, a common theme is stressed: Each person is responsible for her/his own security and the security of others. Individuals are encouraged to report any unusual or suspicious person or circumstance promptly to Campus Police. Campus Police also provides an escort service and students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this valuable service.

Campus Police
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