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School of Adult and Graduate Education

Modular Master’s Core Courses

These courses are required for all certificate combinations to complete the Modular Master of Science degree.

Managerial and Leadership Skills – 3 credits

This course enhances career strategies and competencies by identifying individual leadership strengths and developmental needs.  A career development course designed to introduce personal accountability, networking skills, company/position analysis, job search strategy, interviewing skills and negotiations to maximize the student’s career development and personal marketability. In addition, students will engage in development of business writing skills and an introduction to APA formatting. This course also gives the learner the chance to explore mentorship opportunities within the fields of study. It presents the opportunity to conduct field interviews, organizational research and workplace opportunities.  The learner will conduct research on field based opportunities and create a research and reference site featuring interviews and organizational summaries.

Integrated Practicum (Capstone for All Certificate Combinations) – 3 credits

Creating new ideas, capturing new markets, and enhancing organizational effectiveness occur through innovation and transformational leadership. New technologies, processes, competition and globalization require all organizations to distance themselves from the familiar and foster innovation and agility. MBA students will present their graduate writing portfolios for assessment.  MS students in this capstone course will develop an applied, integrated thesis that demonstrates skills and insights for evaluating, articulating and pitching a new product or service, either as a start-up business or a new initiative within an existing firm.