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Commencement 2019

Registrar's Office
Curtis Hall 136

Graduation Deadlines

Deadlines To Apply For Graduation

  • January graduation - apply by August 1
  • May graduation - apply by December 1
  • August graduation - apply by March 1

All students are required to apply for graduation in order to complete a degree or certificate program. Students can complete this application online on My Cedar Crest. Once logged on, select the 'Current Students' tab and then 'Registrar's Office.' Click on 'Apply to Graduate' and complete the form. This application is also available in the Registrar's Office, Curtis Hall 136.  Late applications will not be accepted.

If you have previously submitted an application, it has been processed. Please do not duplicate.

Please note: There will only be one Commencement ceremony a year, and it will take place in May. If you graduate in January you are able to walk in the May Commencement ceremony that follows AFTER your graduation date. If you graduate in August, you may choose to walk in the Commencement ceremony held BEFORE or AFTER your graduation date. (Students are only eligible to participate in one Commencement ceremony)

To receive a bachelor’s degree from Cedar Crest College, all students must satisfy the below requirements:

Completion of the Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC):

  • If you were admitted with either an associates degree or transferred at least 90 credits from an accredited four-year institution, you are exempt from this requirement. For more information on the Liberal Arts Curriculum, please refer to our college catalog.

Completion of a major area of study:

  • It is expected that students remain in contact with their assigned faculty advisor(s) to ensure that the correct coursework for the program is being completed.

Obtain a minimum of 120 credit hours:

  • For students declaring a second major, a minimum of 150 credits earned is required to receive a second degree from Cedar Crest College.

Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.000:

  • Select programs may have a higher GPA requirement needed to complete the program. Please refer to our college catalog or connect with your advisor for more information. To graduate with honors, you must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.550 or higher.