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Rodale Aquatic Center
100 College Drive
Allentown, PA 18104-4471

Fitness Class Descriptions

Each class is 45 minutes

Pilates is all about the art of control. It is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. Pilates is a series of nonimpact exercises that focus on developing strength, flexibility, and posture. Participants will tone and sculpt muscles by engaging in a series of power poses to reduce stress, increase energy, and balance.

Easy-paced aquatic movement class incorporating arthritis programming. This class will get you moving and feeling good, improve your balance and core stability, and increase your range of motion and flexibility. The warm temperature and pressure of the water help to relieve ailments of pain and stiffness while improving range of motion. Aquatic shoes strongly recommended.

Arthritis plus
Arthritis+ is a class with light cardio aquatic movements and arthritis plus programming. This is a moderate intensity class with longer endurance periods. The workout is set at a slightly faster pace to get you moving and feeling great, improve balance and core stability, and increase range of motion and flexibility. No swimming ability necessary. Aquatic shoes strongly recommended.

This class has modifications available for every level. Aquaticise is offered to beginners all the way up to advanced. This well-balanced total body workout includes a warm-up, cardiovascular workout, strength, flexibility and abdominal work. It promotes joint flexibility, increased range of motion and agility while building cardiovascular endurance and strength. Multiple types of equipment may be used. Aquatic shoes strongly recommended.

Deep Water Running
This is a no-impact and high intensity program which emphasizes cardiovascular strength and endurance as well as flexibility, range of motion and core strength. Classes are held in the deeper water of the pool and participants will use flotation belts. This program will be of particular benefit to runners and other active exercisers who are looking for a challenging workout as a no impact alternative to conditioning on land. Train while increasing strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Hydro Bike
Pedal your way to fitness in this fun and challenging workout on an aquatic stationary bike.
Aquatic cycling class uses intervals to increase cardiovascular endurance and strength. Water resistance provides a total body workout and hydrostatic pressure provides less pressure on the joints & lower back. Hydro bike workouts are similar to a spinning class, but on a bike built for the water. Interval training will be included in the workout. Hydro bike classes are limited to 15 participants and are available on a first-come, first-served basis each day. Aquatic sneakers required.

Multiple Sclerosis
This is a shallow water, easy-paced class incorporating cardiovascular aquatic movement, walking, and strength training. This class will work on improving balance, core stability and flexibility while using a variety of water equipment. No swimming ability is necessary, but you should feel comfortable in the water. The class is designed for those with MS who are independently mobile, but may be taken with the assistance of an aide. Aquatic shoes are strongly recommended for the class.

Open Swim Small/ Large pool (Each swim is 1 Hour long)
All swims and classes are $10 a visit.
You can sign up online and pay online or in person.
There is a one time $30 enrollment fee for new members.

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