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Interlibrary Loan Book Request

Cedar Crest College Faculty, Staff, and Students:
complete the form below to request a book.

Please provide the following information so that we can follow up on your request.
If you are able to find the book you need by searching WorldCat Discovery, please submit your request there for quicker service.

Email Address:
Please verify that you've entered your email address correctly.
Your request cannot be received without a valid email address.

Department (for faculty):
Borrower Status:

    Student Master's Doctorate
    Faculty Staff Alumnus Emeritus

Date not needed after:

Maximum cost must be stated for request to be processed.
Fees, if applicable, usually range from $10.00-$20.00.
Maximum fee willing to pay:

Please identify the book you need; provide as much information as you can:
Place of Publication:
Publisher: Year: Edition:
Source of Information:

Please send questions about ILL to Nicole Rivera, Public Services Librarian. (610) 606-4666 ext. 3543.