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Nancy Roberts
Director of Health Services

Influenza/Flu: Attending Classes

If you have flu-like symptoms, you should not attend classes. The Health Center staff requests that you call for an appointment at 610-606-4640, and let them know you are concerned about the flu.

A student who is absent from classes for illness must contact Student Affairs by filling out the Absence Notification Form found at If the student requests that instructors be notified, Student Affairs will send an absence notice. Faculty members who receive such notification should understand that notification signifies that the information given by the student is credible; the notification does not exempt students from any of their course requirements. Faculty members should develop policies for excusing students who miss class or coursework for reasons beyond their control and should inform students about these policies. This may include alternate assignments.

If you are participating in a Study Abroad program, you should contact the provider for that program. The CDC or the World Health Organization can provide information on the status of confirmed cases of the flu in other countries.