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Kelly Hall, Ph.D.
Director, Global Initiatives
610-606-4666 ext. 4551

Study Abroad—Your Gateway to the World

Why study abroad?

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  • To become fully immersed in a language and culture other than your own
  • To travel globally, to see places and meet new people from diverse backgrounds
  • To learn about the country of your origin
  • To gain independence and build self-confidence
  • To enhance your education with experiential opportunities not available at the home campus
  • To  gain international experience and to become a more attractive job candidate  
  • To enhance your worldview and to integrate ideas learned upon returning home into your personal and professional life
  • To have the best time in your life!
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Study abroad is one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences that students can have during their college careers. Those who have studied abroad almost always describe it as their most exciting adventure so far. Usually they find that it changes their lives in positive ways that they couldn’t possibly have imagined before the experience. Once they have returned, they are eager to share their stories and experiences with others so that they in turn, can have a life-changing experience as well.

The desire to learn more about the world and about the specific country or countries chosen is on the agenda of everyone who goes abroad. What students often don’t realize is how much they can learn about themselves. They very often discover new interests, passions, talents and sides of themselves that they didn’t even know existed. Study abroad is as much a journey into the self as into the world.

Your college years offer you some of the best opportunities to explore the world and yourself! Let us help you take advantage of them. Come visit the office for Global Initiatives and International Programs in Curtis Hall 201 and get started on a great adventure!

What kind of study abroad programs are there?

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There are so many options available to you and we are here to help you identify the one that best meets your academic, financial, and personal goals.

Cedar Crest students are able to participate in:

  • College faculty-led study tours. These are campus-based classes taught by our own faculty, with an attached travel component that takes place during a break (Winter, Spring, or at the close of classes in May or later).They typically last one to two weeks, with courses and destinations changing each year. Please check the upcoming year listing!
  • Exchange opportunities through our partner universities around the world! These can take place over a Summer, Semester, or Full Academic Year. Please check with the Office of Global Initiatives and International Programs for details.
  • Semester or Full Academic Year Abroad. No matter what your major, there is a study abroad program for you! Study abroad programs exist in many forms. Some allow you to enroll directly at a foreign university; some involve taking courses set up specifically for international students (what you will be when you study abroad!); some involve doing lots of field work; some give you the option of participating in an internship or service learning opportunity.

Let us help you explore the many possibilities!

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How do I get academic credit?

For some study abroad programs (those offered through Cedar Crest, LVAIC, School for Field Studies) you can get direct Cedar Crest credit. For others, you can get transfer credit. Talk to us about the procedures for applying for programs and arranging to get the credit you need.

Can I use financial aid?

Usually—come talk to us and we will help you figure out how to use as much aid as possible. Also, there are many scholarships that students can apply for to help offset the costs of study abroad. We can help you find these!

Factors to consider BEFORE you study abroad:

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  • How independent are you?
    • Would you prefer to travel with a group on a pre-determined itinerary?
      • If so, then  you are looking for a faculty-led study tour at Cedar Crest, DeSales, Moravian, or Lehigh
    • Are you ok flying overseas alone and taking classes on your own at a foreign university?
      • If so, then you are open to one of our Program Provider’s or Exchange’s summer or semester-long opportunities.
  • How long are you looking to stay/ length of time you can be away from campus?
    • 7-10 days, a Summer, a Semester, or Winter Break?
  • What does your schedule look like?
    • Look at your current schedule. Your academic adviser can help you determine which courses you can take abroad and which you need to take here on campus.
  • What type of commitments do you have; job, family, Cedar Crest College specific courses, and clubs?
    • Are you able to leave those for a period of time?
  • What are some funding options?
    • Can you afford the trip yourself? Or do you need scholarships to help fund your program?
  • Where would you like to go?
    • Asia, Central America, Europe, Australia, …  

How to study abroad:

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Now that you have pondered the idea of Studying Abroad and you feel this is right for you, here is how to start!

  1. Understand the different possibilities: Semester, Summer, Winter, Faculty-led Study Tour
    • Learn about them through Study Abroad Fair in Fall, attend the various Study Abroad Info Sessions throughout the year, and stop by Curtis 201 to learn about some options!
  2. Consider locations through our affiliate program providers. Search through our affiliate program provider websites:
  3. Make an appointment with Lindsey Hutterer or Kelly Hall in Global Initiatives to discuss your opportunities further.
  4. Meet with your academic advisor to work on course approval.
  5. Learn about some scholarship opportunities through Cedar Crest, through our affiliates, and through other organizations.
  6. Apply Today!
  7. Complete Global Initiatives paperwork and attend a pre-departure meeting
  8. Additional Resources for concerns while abroad:
    • Global Initiatives and International Programs office, your family, International Student Ambassadors, Faculty Advisors, Health Services, Diversity and Inclusion

Still overwhelmed on where to start, contact Global Initiatives and International Programs to get individual assistance.

Preparing to Study Abroad:

Click here for a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to get ready for your study abroad experience!

While studying abroad:

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  1. Stay in touch with Global Initiatives regarding classes, housing, cultural adjustment, returning to Cedar Crest College and more…
  2. If an International Ambassador, share photos and travel tips from abroad through Global Initiatives
  3. Request for transcript to be sent to Global Initiatives Office

Upon returning:

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  1. Meet with Global Initiatives to discuss ways in which to share experiences with campus community
  2. Attend a re-entry event offered in September
  3. Consider serving as an International Ambassador

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Dr. Kelly Hall, Director

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