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Sophomore Expidoition Destination announced

The Carmen Twillie Ambar Sophomore Expedition 

NAFSA’s 2023 Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award

Guaranteed International Experience – On Us!  

The world is a big, beautiful place full of diverse experiences and cultures. We believe every student needs to see it. That’s why we cover the cost of a global travel experience for every sophomore. You may find yourself ziplining through the rainforest, riding camel back across the desert, or studying ancient Greek architecture! The Carmen Twillie Ambar Sophomore Expedition is only at Cedar Crest College.  

Education Way Beyond the Classroom

  • What: A transformational experience that exposes students to new cultures and worldviews.
  • When: Seven to ten days in the spring of a student's sophomore year.
  • Why: We focus on impactful service experiences related to coursework.
  • Who: Every full-time, traditional student with a 2.5 GPA in good social and financial standing.
  • Where: Falcons are headed to Rome, Italy in 2023 and Dublin, Ireland in 2024!
Marcy Bowers '22

The Sophomore Expedition played a huge role in my decision to come to Cedar Crest. What other institution is going to offer the opportunity to travel abroad — for free — while also being able to apply the experience to your studies? I thought that this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was an enlightening experience. You never know how this will benefit you in the future."

— Marcy Bowers '22, Social Work and Psychology

A WOW-Worthy Experience

You'll discover your Expedition destination at the big reveal during New Student Orientation. And that's only the beginning of a journey guaranteed to be filled with jaw-dropping moments.

Past Destinations

2022- Marrakesh, Morocco

location pin2022- Marrakesh, Morocco

2021- San José, Costa Rica

location pin2021- San José, Costa Rica

2020- London, England

location pin2020- London, England

2019- Athens, Greece

location pin2019- Athens, Greece

2018- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

location pin2018- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“You take so much more away from this experience than if you were sitting in a classroom. As an Education major, being able to work with kids in Costa Rica was a great experience. Actually being able to do it. To see it. It really makes a difference in your learning. "

— Allie Infante ’22, Early Childhood Education

Allie Infante ’22