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New Students at Orientation

Anna Eichner
Director of Academic Services and Student Success

FYE Academic Courses

CCC 101 College Life

College Life is a First-Year Experience course designed to introduce students to the liberal arts and assist students in developing the skills necessary for academic and social growth at Cedar Crest College. Topics include developing images of success and defining goals, time management strategies, learning to think critically, developing effective study and test-taking skills, communication skills and conflict resolution, and building self-confidence.

CCC 101 is taken in the Fall semester, in conjunction with First Year Seminar.

CCC 102 Exploring Your Future

Exploring Your Future is a First-Year Experience course designed to help students develop an understanding of the career decision-making process, and to assist students with choosing a major and putting their career plans into action. Students learn how to evaluate their goals, interests, values and strengths, how to conduct research on majors and careers, prepare and build a resume, and effectively explore career and internship opportunities.

CCC 102 is taken in the Spring semester.

First Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar introduces students to a variety of topics that illuminate the value of the liberal arts as an approach to thinking about the world and our place within it. The seminar helps students to develop the ability to think critically and independently, reflect on personal experiences and the learning process, and to write, reason and communicate clearly -- all essential skills for college success. First-Year Seminars are taught by faculty across academic disciplines in small class settings, where students can engage with a particular topic, as well as with the professor and their peers. The FYS provides students with the opportunity to explore important issues, gather and evaluate evidence, and further develop their ideas through writing and discussion.