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SPS 170/171/172 Understanding and Using APA Editorial Style - 1 credit

This course will introduce students to APA for social science writing. SPS 170 is a co-requisite for Experimental Methods (PSY 211) and Applied Research Methods (PSY 213). SPS 171 course is a co-requisite for Concepts in Professional Nursing (NUR 323) and Introduction to Social Work (SWK 201). SPS 172 is a co-requisite for Professional Nursing Seminar (NUR 324). Prerequisite: Successful completion of the WRI-1 requirement; sophomore standing recommended.

SPS 270 Internship Program - 3-6 credits

Over 300 internships are available in local, national and international companies from accounting to zoology. The internship program is an experiential supplement to classroom education under the supervision of a faculty supervisor, on-site supervisor and the director of career planning. Students may receive 3-6 credits for each individual internship and can accumulate up to 12 internship credits during the course of their college career. The program is open to all full-time traditional and SAGE students who have completed 60 graded credits. Transfer students must complete at least one semester at Cedar Crest College to be eligible for an internship. Students must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average to be eligible for an internship (the sponsoring company/organization may have an additional GPA requirement). Additional information regarding the procedures and requirements of the internship program are contained in the “internship guidelines” obtainable at the career planning center as well as on the career planning homepage.




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