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Performing Arts Courses

PER 100 Portfolio Workshop - 1 credit

Required for graduation with any Performing Arts major, but open to all students; all Performing Arts majors must complete no less than four semesters of attendance and participation in First Friday which meets at noon for one hour the First Friday of each month from September to December and February to May. Students must begin attending First Friday once they have declared their major. Students must attend all First Friday sessions and present a work in progress at least once a year at a First Friday. In addition, all juniors will present their senior thesis proposals in the spring. All seniors will present thesis work in progress and a final PPT project presentation in the spring.

PER 101: Collaborative Arts: 1 credit

This course prepares the first year Performing Arts major to understand the concept of artists as entrepreneurs, and define personal goals for success. Emphasis is placed on the development of the individual with concentration on developing individual practice and personal areas of creativity. Through research, the student begins to establish an understanding of multiple creative processes while learning how to identify their own. Offered in spring term only.

PER 110 Introduction to Stage Makeup - 1 credit

A hands-on study of the human face as a canvas for theatrical makeup design.
Prerequisite: None.

PER 120 Stage Management: Rule #1 - 3 credits

This course is designed to introduce the student to the various responsibilities required of a theatrical stage manager. The student will identify, understand and implement effective stage management techniques utilized in professional theatre. Understanding a professional model of principles and systems is important to becoming an effective theatrical stage management. This course will be a combination of tradition classwork and practicum. Students will be assigned a stage management position for one of the CCC mainstage production.
Prerequisites: None

PER 220 Innovative Arts Management - 3 credits

This course focuses on advanced principles and systems of effective theatrical management. Topics to be covered include: management theories, strategic planning and decision making, fundamentals of organizational design, budgeting and financial management in the Arts.
Prerequisite: PER 120

PER 252 Sophomore Seminar – 1 credits

This course exposes sophomore level Performing Arts majors to an understanding of several important aesthetic theories. Through discussion and research the student develops informed criteria for viewing and understanding the arts Course includes attending several evening events off campus.

PER 351 Junior Year Prospectus 1 credit

Students develop and research an original, interdisciplinary creative project that culminates with a written prospectus by the student. The prospectus includes a narrative on the project scope and justifications, bibliography, calendar, budget and resume. Before submission, students enlist a project advisor and invite a grading committee of at least three additional cross-disciplinary faculty to evaluate their work beginning in Fall of senior year. Prior to submission students make an oral presentation at First Friday outlining their project scope and planned research. The prospectus is submitted to the Performing Arts faculty by April 1 for review and consideration. No projects proceed without department approval. Students often begin work on their project over the summer prior to senior year.
(offered in Spring each year)
Prerequisite- Junior standing by Spring

PER 352 Senior Thesis Project 1 credit

Offered in fall senior year, students begin intensive research and/or development of approved projects meeting weekly or bi-weekly with their project advisor. Students submit 14 weekly electronic progress reports to their grading committee highlighting current work and research challenges with narratives, images and rehearsal videos.
Prerequisite: Senior standing is required to continue with the project into senior year.

PER 353 Senior Thesis Project 1 credit

Offered in spring of senior year, students continue intensive development of an interdisciplinary creative project that began with an approved written prospectus The student works closely with a project advisor making weekly electronic reports of progress to their entire grading committee. The student initiates, evaluates and brings to presentation a significant performance, research project or creative work that demonstrates their deeper understanding of a specific aspect of the performing arts. Following the completion of their project, the student presents the results of their work at First Friday. Upon completion of the project, a final reflection paper is submitted to the grading committee. A final meeting with the grading committee to review successes and challenges is scheduled upon completion of the project.
Prerequisite: PER 352








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