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Marketing Courses

MRK 230 Principles of Marketing - 3 credits

Merges activities used to market a product or service into a logical framework. Students learn about building relationships with customers according to the customer’s needs. Skills developed and used are segmenting the market, defining buyer behavior, positioning a product to satisfy customer needs, and developing a strategy for the product, price, and marketing communication. Areas of focus include modern distribution systems such as direct marketing, telemarketing, and Ecommerce via the Internet.

MRK 240 Applied Public Relations - 3 credits

Applied Public Relations will introduce the student to the PR function within an organization and give them a solid understanding of PR as a process and its place in a company’s overall marketing mix. The student will learn how to identify PR opportunities; conduct the appropriate research; identify audiences and media; plan and create a PR campaign; work with the media; and evaluate a campaign’s results. Prerequisites: MRK 230

MRK 250 Consumer Behavior - 3 credits

This course gives students a fundamental understanding of the human psychological core encompassing the topics of motivation, ability, and opportunity; exposure attention and perception; knowledge and understanding; attitudes; and memory. It further surveys the consumer culture to include regional, ethnic and religious influences; social class; age, gender and social influences; and values, personality and lifestyle. The knowledge of the psychological core and consumer culture are then employed to study the process of consumer decision making and applying these principles to business and marketing situations. Prerequisites: MRK 230

MRK 320 Marketing Research - 3 credits

This course is an introduction to marketing research and explores the theory and technique used in both qualitative and quantitative market research. The qualitative portion of the course will delve into consumer observation techniques, field experimentation, interviewing and focus groups, while the quantitative portion will cover survey design, sampling methods and theory, and data analysis. Both sections will include “real-world” examples of planning and implementation, along with an emphasis on effective reporting. Prerequisites: MRK 230, MAT 110.

MRK 330 Branding and Advertising - 3 credits

Considers brands – why they are important, what they represent to consumers, and what should be done by firms to manage them properly. Although products and services can be duplicated, strongly held beliefs and attitudes established in the minds of buyers cannot be so easily reproduced. Emphasis is placed on how a brand is created, measured, and used to expand opportunities. Prerequisites: MRK 230.

MRK 331 Service Marketing - 3 credits

Considers the marketing of intangible products and the use of intangibles in the marketing of tangible products. It explores the dimensions of successful service firms. Outstanding service organizations are managed differently than their “merely good” competitors. Actions are based on totally different assumptions about the way success is achieved. The results show not only in terms of conventional measures of performance but also in the enthusiasm of the employees and quality of customer satisfaction. Beginning with the service encounter, learning emphasis focuses on how service managers must blend marketing, technology, people, and information to achieve a distinctive competitive advantage. Prerequisites: MRK 230

MRK 332 Sales Management - 3 credits

This course will provide an understanding of how selling is critical to the success of a marketing program. The student will gain knowledge of the sales process, the relationship between sales and marketing, sales force structure, customer relationship management (CRM), and issues in recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, compensating, and retaining salespeople. The course will include lecture, cases studies, and “real-world” examples to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. Prerequisite: MRK 230.

MRK 334 Applied Advertising - 3 credits

Designed to give the student a broad understanding of advertising and promotion principles in today’s business climate, this course emphasizes the planning, implementation and control of various advertising and promotional principles. Its primary focus is directed towards the marketing manager with a specific process to utilize in developing effective communication programs. Specific topics include media strategy, target markets, creation of advertising and promotional programs, and the use of different types of media. Prerequisite: MRK 230.

MRK 335 Business-to-Business Marketing - 3 credits

This course provides a practical foundation for successful business marketers. By addressing real issues that face business-to-business (B2B) and industrial marketers as well as the newest developments and insights into this rapidly changing field. The course will focus on analysis of the B2B marketing environment, marketing techniques and tactics, and planning and implementation. Prerequisites: MRK 230.

MRK 336 Global Marketing - 3 credits

Examines the challenge of entering and operating effectively in global markets. Decisions are considered regarding international marketing objectives, strategies and policies, foreign market selection, adaptation of products, distribution channels of communications to fit each foreign market, and systems of international marketing organization, information gathering, planning and control. These topics, along with exploration of cultural issues, are examined through reading, case discussion, class presentations and a term project. Marketing reports for major countries will be prepared to offer valuable insights, as well as tips and techniques for marketing products and services globally. Prerequisites: MRK 230.




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