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Leadership Courses

LDR 200 Foundations of Leadership – 2 credits 

This course will provide the student with a “starter kit” of effective leadership tools designed to prepare and navigate toward a successful college and lifetime career. This seminar will focus on issues and problems that affect women and leadership, global connectivity, ethics, personal reflection and best practices of leadership and social change.

LDR 260 Emergent Leadership – 3 credits

The seminar is designed to examine the 7 Transformations of Leadership, that is, how a leader interprets surroundings and reacts when her power or safety is challenged. Seven distinct categories will be discussed: Opportunists, Diplomats, Experts, Achievers, Individualists, Strategists, and Alchemists. The seminar will also examine the four primary components of learning and achieving: IQ, EQ, SQ and PQ along with the examination of an ethical approach to value in leadership.

LDR 350 Leadership Action Project  - 3 credits

Students will apply for and complete one social action project during the course of their academic tenure at Cedar Crest College. The project will be designed to monitor growth as a leader and an increment of social change. It will allow students to deepen their understanding and explore leadership techniques, career options, and build a network of resources.  Through directed readings and regular interaction with the faculty, it provides students the opportunity to study the major theories of ethics and social justice, and to explore their own values and beliefs, in the context of an individual’s responsibility to her community.  The project is designed to enhance the process of learning and self-exploration by enabling the students to put into immediate practice the ideas they discuss in the classroom.  

LDR 351 Capstone in Leadership – 1 credit  

Students will complete the capstone seminar with discussion of the full content of the certificate and reflection of personal growth. Students will develop their two and ten year leadership plans which discuss becoming a person of influence, career direction and development, organization culture, leading high performance teams, negotiating, ethics, mentoring and work/life balance.




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