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GND 100 The F Word: Introduction to Gender Studies - 3 credits

The F word. Feminism. It is perhaps the single most controversial, anxiety-inducing word in our culture. It creates tension, spurs debate, and even ends friendships. Not coincidentally, it is also a word that most people don’t quite understand, one that is often confused with misandry (hatred of men) and that provokes that all-too-common contradictory disclaimer: “I believe in equality. But I’m not a feminist.”
In this introductory level course, we will seek to shed light on the meaning(s) of feminism. We will assume a broad, wide-ranging approach to the exploration of not only feminism but also the related concepts of gender and sexual identity. We will talk about these terms in relation to history, theory, and literature. But we will also think about them in the context of our current social and political moment, in relation to popular culture and to contemporary conversations (#MeToo) about the meanings and politics of gender, sexuality, and feminism.




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