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Health Science - Major

For information, contact Dr. Dianne Babbitt,, 610-606-4666, ext. 3609.

Program Description – Health Science Major (B.S.)

Completion of this major will result in the obtainment of the Health Care Management Certificate, as well as preparation across basic sciences. With the Bachelor’s degree students have the skills to communicate, review and evaluate aspects of the health care process. The Health Science major allows students to pursue employment and/or graduate work in the field of health science.  It prepares students for advanced study in the health sciences such as Healthcare Administration, and with additional courses or specific focus, prepares students for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or similar graduate programs.

The four Health Sciences majors (Public Health, Health Science, Health Promotion and Wellness, and Exercise Science) share a common core of classes that includes Health Professions, Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, Biostatistics or Probability and Statistics, Principles of Nutrition, Introduction to Health Care Systems, and Health Sciences Capstone. 

Program Mission Statement – Health Science Major

The goal of the Health Science major is to develop an individual who can be an effective part of a health care team.  The program includes biology, chemistry, psychology, and business coursework to serve as the foundation for further clinical training that results in certification or licensure as technicians, therapists, or technologists in specific areas of patient care.  Students selecting the Health Science major also complete the Health Care Management certificate.  The goal of this major is to prepare students to go directly into jobs in the health science sector or to pursue further training in the areas of clinical laboratory services; health information, communication, and administration; mental and social health; technical instrumentation; and therapy and rehabilitation.  Qualified health science professionals play a role in the identification and treatment of disabilities, diseases, and disorders and communicate this information to physicians and other health care team members.  

Program Requirements for the Health Science Major

A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.000 and a minimum average in the major of 2.000 are required for the major in Health Science. A grade of C- or better is needed for all courses that fulfill the departmental requirements. Courses transferred in for all majors must be taken less than ten years ago. Students must earn a grade of C- or better in prerequisite courses before proceeding to subsequent courses.
Total number of credits required by program: 66 - 68 credits

Course Requirements for the Health Science major

Health Sciences Core (required of all Health Sciences majors, with the exception of Genetics and Counseling Psychology):

BUA 211+ Introduction to Health Care Systems 3 credits
HLT 101 Introduction to the Health Professions 1 credit
HLT 201 Health Professions II 1 credit
HLT 301 Health Professions III 1 credit
HLT 302 Health Sciences Capstone 3 credits
MAT 110 Probability and Statistics 3 credits
OR BIO 248 Biostatistics 3 credits
NTR 210 Principles of Nutrition 3 credits
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
PSY 210 Lifespan Development 3 credits
21 total Health Sciences core credits

Additional Required Health Science Courses
BIO 117 Anatomy & Physiology I 4 credits
BIO 118 Anatomy & Physiology II 4 credits
BIO 123* Foundations in Biology 4 credits
BIO 124* Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology 4 credits
BUA 258+ Health Care Management 3 credits
BUA 340+ Health Care Finance 3 credits
BUA 341+ Health Care Practice Management 3 credits
CHE 111* Chemical Principles 4 credits
CHE 112 Chemical Equilibrium and Analysis 4 credits
COM 100 Introduction to Communication 3 credits
OR another approved COM course 3 credits
PSY xxx 200- or 300-level Psychology course 3 credits
39 total Health Science credits

Electives 6-8 credits:
Choose two (2) electives that support the Health Science major from the areas of BIO, BUA, CHE, EXS, HLT, NTR, PHY, PSY, SPA, or SWK. Courses can be from the same area or different areas. 

*BIO 111 and BIO 112 may be an appropriate substitute for BIO 123 and BIO 124 for some Health Science majors.  CHE 103 may be substituted for CHE 111 with advisor approval.

+Completion of BUA 211, BUA 258, BUA 340, and BUA 341 results in the Health Care Management Certification

Required and elective courses must reach 120 credits to complete a degree.

Health Science Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Health Science major, students will be able to:

Fulfillment of the LAC Requirements

Students fulfill Technology, Oral Presentation, and Information Literacy requirements through successful completion of the following required courses: HLT 101, 201, 301, and HLT 302.

It is a general Cedar Crest College policy that a student must complete a minimum of 18 credits of major requirements through Cedar Crest College course work.  This major is open to any student who is matriculated at the College.


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