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Health Promotion and Wellness - Major

For information, contact Dr. Dianne Babbitt,, 610-606-4666, ext. 3609.

Program Description – Health Promotion and Wellness Major (B.S.)

The Health Promotion and Wellness major is unique in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding schools in offering students a comprehensive liberal arts-based education focused on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of health and health care.  Health care is the dominant industry in the Lehigh Valley, and the fastest growing industry nationwide.  This major will educate students for entry into that industry in primarily support occupations.  Health care support occupations are projected to grow 34.5% by 2020.  The major will prepare students to help people improve and maintain their health and well being in business, community, and health care settings.  Some career settings may include: Wellness Coordination; Smoking Cessation Programs and Weight Management Programs; and Wellness Programs in Retirement Communities and in Corporations.

The four Health Sciences majors (Public Health, Health Science, Health Promotion and Wellness, and Exercise Science) share a common core of classes that includes Health Professions, Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, Biostatistics or Probability and Statistics, Principles of Nutrition, Introduction to Health Care Systems, and Health Sciences Capstone. 

Program Mission Statement – Health Promotion and Wellness Major

The Health Promotion and Wellness major is an interdisciplinary, integrative program of study grounded in the liberal arts that focuses on the biological, psychosocial and spirituality aspects of health and health care. It teaches students both how to live healthier lives and how to teach others to do the same, with the goal of ultimately contributing to a culture of wellness. The major is a methodical application of the biopsychosocial model of medicine (and health care) to its fullest. The Health Promotion and Wellness major builds upon theoretical knowledge, experiential components, and research, all of which culminate in the completion of a capstone project.

Program Requirements for the Health Promotion and Wellness Major

A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.000 and a minimum average in the major of 2.000 are required for the major in Health Promotion and Wellness major. A grade of C- or better is needed for all courses that fulfill the departmental requirements. Courses transferred in for all majors must be taken less than ten years ago. Students must earn a grade of C- or better in prerequisite courses before proceeding to subsequent courses.

Total number of credits required by program: 60-65 credits

Course Requirements for the Health Promotion and Wellness Major

Health Sciences Core (required of all Health Sciences majors, with the exception of Genetics and Counseling Psychology):

BUA 211 Introduction to Health Care Systems 3 credits
HLT 101 Introduction to the Health Professions 1 credit
HLT 201 Health Professions II 1 credit
HLT 301 Health Professions III 1 credit
HLT 302 Health Sciences Capstone 3 credits
MAT 110 Probability and Statistics 3 credits
OR BIO 248 Biostatistics 3 credits
NTR 210 Principles of Nutrition 3 credits
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
PSY 210 Lifespan Development 3 credits
21 total Health Sciences core credits

Additional Health Promotion and Wellness Required Courses
BIO 117 Anatomy & Physiology I 4 credits
BIO 118 Anatomy & Physiology II 4 credits
HLT 102 Introduction to Public Health 3 credits
PSY 170 Using APA Editorial for PSY Majors 1 credit
PSY 201 Mind-Body Medicine 3 credits
PSY 211 Experimental Methods 4 credits
OR PSY 213 Introduction to Research Methods 3 credits
PSY 212 Statistical Methods 4 credits
OR PSY 214 Introduction to Statistics 3 credits
PSY 227 Principles of Helping Relationships 3 credits
PSY 304 Stress, Disease, and Psychophysiological Responses 3 credits
OR PSY 251 Health Psychology 3 credits
PSY 360 ST Advanced Seminar in Health Psychology 3 credits
30-32 total Health Promotion and Wellness credits

Electives 9-12 credits:
Choose three (3) electives that support the Health Promotion and Wellness major from the areas of BIO, EXS, HLT, PSY, REL, OR SWK.  Courses can be from the same area or different areas.

Required & elective courses must reach 120 credits to complete degree.

Health Promotion and Wellness Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Health Promotion and Wellness major, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the anatomical structures and describe the physiological functions of the systems of the human body with a focus on the central and peripheral nervous systems, and how dysregulation in certain brain structures can contribute to maladaptive behavior.
  2. Explain how learning, conditioning, and social influences are related to adaptive and maladaptive human behaviors.
  3. Describe the role of psychological and psychophysiological interventions in promoting health-seeking behaviors.

Fulfillment of the LAC Requirements
Students fulfill Technology, Oral Presentation, and Information Literacy requirements through successful completion of the following required courses: HLT 101, 201, 301, and HLT 302.
It is a general Cedar Crest College policy that a student must complete a minimum of 18 credits of major requirements through Cedar Crest College course work.  This major is open to any student who is matriculated at the College.



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