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Educational Studies - Major

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The Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies is an interdisciplinary program that is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge in educational theory and effective practices that relate to teaching and learning in many different fields. This major differs from other majors in the Education Department as degree completion will not lead to teacher certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). This major prepares the graduate to teach or serve as an instructional leader in a career opportunity that is outside of the traditional school setting.

The Educational Studies major combines the study of basic educational theory with courses that provide a background in business principles, relationships, and communications. It is an interdisciplinary major that involves a core of education courses (18 credits) and required interdisciplinary courses (32 credits) offered through six different departments. In addition, the student has the opportunity to explore individual interests and select 17 elective credits in selected areas.

Mission Statement of the Educational Studies Program

The Educational Studies program is committed to the preparation of students who desire to make a difference by participating in the workplace in capacities which further the education of others (training, staff development, instructor), advocate for others (non-profits, philanthropy, community outreach), or create a new business opportunity (daycare, children and youth program).  This interdisciplinary major provides students with experiences which match the needs of today’s work environments such as working collaboratively, and employing strong communication skills.  The major is grounded in the premise that a Cedar Crest College education offers the foundation for women’s leadership, civic engagement, and global connectivity.

Courses Required for the Educational Studies Major

WRI 100 College Writing 3 credits        
WRI II 3 credits
Mathematics and Logic:
MAT XXX 3 credits        
MAT XXX 3 credits        
Natural Science:
3 credits        
BIO 111 w/lab 4 credits        

3 credits        
3 credits        

3 credits        
3 credits        

Social Sciences:
PSY 100 General Psychology 3 credits        
SOC 100 Introduction to Culture & Society 3 credits

ETL 235 Ethical Life  3 credits

Global Studies:
3 credits

First Year Experience:
First Year Seminar Course 3 credits
College Life .5 credits
Exploring Your Future .5 credits
Liberal Arts Curriculum: 47 credits   

Educational Studies Major Course Requirements

Core Education Courses:  18 credits
ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education OR
EDU 100 Perspectives on Secondary Education 3 credits
ECE 305 Issues and Advocacy in Education 3 credits
EDU 240 Nutrition, Health, and Safety 3 credits
EDU 359 Teaching the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students 3 credits
SPE 242/243 Special Education Processes and The Exceptional Child 3 credits
SPE 346 Collaborative Partnerships in Education 3 credits

Interdisciplinary Major Requirements:  32 credits
ACC 101 Financial Accounting  3 credits
BUA 220 Human Resources Management  3 credits
COM 100 Introduction to Communication  3 credits
COM 102 Media Literacy OR COM 120 Introduction to New Media  3 credits
COM 210 Interpersonal Communication  3 credits
ENG 230 Introduction to Professional Writing  3 credits
LDR 200 Foundations of Leadership 2 credits
PSY 227 Principles of Helping Relationships 3 credits
PSY 230 Team Building & Group Dynamics 3 credits
SWK 300 Community Organizing 3 credits
THS 105 Public Speaking  3 credits

Capstone Experience

EDU 380 Research and Community Engagement in Educational Studies   6 credits
Electives*   17 credits
*Note: Several of the Interdisciplinary Major courses have LAC designations.  If the courses are used to fulfill LAC requirements, then more electives credits will be needed to complete the 120 credits required for degree completion and graduation.

Education Studies Major Courses -56 credits (Includes Capstone Experiences)
Total Number of Credits: 120 credits

Learning Outcomes

Students completing a Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies will be able to:

  1. Research critical public issues and policies, and orally present these topics to a group.
  2. Communicate vital information to colleagues and the public in a clear and concise manner using oral, written, and electronic formats.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with a variety of individuals in the workplace and instructional setting.
  4. Execute the responsibilities and duties of an internship in a local organization for a minimum 12 week (60 days) time period. 
  5. Prepare and present a culminating project that includes original research and reflections on the internship experience.





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