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Cooperative Education Work Experience

For information, contact Professor Chris Duelfer,, 610-606-4666, ext3410

Program Description

Cooperative education (Co-op) is a well-known educational strategy that integrates classroom studies with learning through hands-on work experiences in a field related to the student’s academic major and career goals.  Cooperative education is an experiential learning process with specific education goals that include critical thinking, knowledge, communication, personal and professional growth, and career preparation.  The learning model is embedded within the cooperative education course requirements.

The goal of this process is to ensure that students integrate, not simply participate in, the academic and experiential learning processes.  Integration will have varying outcomes based upon the individual student, the work assignment, and the Faculty Co-op Advisor’s requirements.

Program Requirements

Students need to complete the application to the Co-op Experience and participate in the Co-op orientation program (mandatory for all those who intend to enroll in the co-op program), and attend scheduled workshops and receive a satisfactory rating in resume writing, interviewing and job searching.  Students write a resume that is approved by the faculty Co-op supervisor and identify employment during the second academic year.  Students meet with the faculty Co-op supervisor and members of the career development office, who will help develop job leads from the Cedar Crest College database.  Students may also develop their own leads.  Students are responsible for following all leads, research and interview for positions.  If a position is accepted, students enroll in BUA 160, Cooperative Education and Experience I, II, or III and complete the Cooperative Education and Experience Learning Requirements.  Admission to and continued participation in the Co-op Experience is contingent on students maintaining at least a 3.20 grade point average.

Students interested in the Co-op Experience should work closely with their academic advisor and co-op supervisor on appropriate scheduling including summers to complete their Bachelor of Science degree and a full year of work experience within a four year period.

In an effort to better couple academics with a student’s cooperative education experience, undergraduate students enrolled in a Co-op education program may register for one course (up to four (4) credits) during each term for which they are on a Co-op assignment without charge beyond the Co-op fee.



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