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Health and Counseling Services

Good health is important to students and to the College. The health services staff takes an active role in promoting wellness among students, including conducting programs on preventive health care, sexuality and healthy life-styles. Health and counseling services are available to all full-time traditional students when classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters. Health Services is located on the ground floor of Curtis Hall. Referrals to off-campus medical and psychological specialists are available as needed. Services include treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries, immunizations, allergy injections and routine gynecological care. The College psychotherapists offer support and counseling on a broad range of adjustment and mental health concerns. Students may schedule visits with Health and Counseling Services during the academic year by calling 610-606- 4640.

Health Policy

Cedar Crest College is committed to providing a safe environment for its students and has formulated its Health Policy based on guidelines presented by the American College Health Association. Students with serious, acute and chronic conditions are encouraged to inform Health and Counseling Services about their illness so that they may receive evaluation and treatment and/or information and referral for appropriate care. Health information provided will be used, if necessary, solely as an aid to provide health care to the student. This information is strictly for the use of Health Services and will not be released to anyone without the student's knowledge or consent. The Dean of Student Affairs reserves the right to contact parents or guardians in situations where a student's health or welfare is at risk. On admission to the College students receive a College Health Form which must be completed prior to the beginning of classes. The form is reviewed by the Director of Health and Counseling Services and students are notified of any missing documentation. All immunizations must be completed and be up to date. Students who do not submit health forms prior to established deadlines are subject to a $50.00 weekly fine until forms are submitted. Resident students are not permitted to move in the residence halls without required health forms. The College requires all full-time students to have health insurance coverage. The College will provide a basic Accident and Sickness Plan for all full-time students who do not already have their own coverage. The cost of the plan will be included on the student's bill. A description of the plan and waiver cards for those who have other coverage are provided to students with semester materials or by the Finance Office. In cases of communicable disease, the College will follow the reporting requirements for all communicable diseases. All student concerns about communicable diseases should be directed to the Director of Health and Counseling Services.



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