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Career Development and Community Engagement
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Virtual Resources for Online Support

The Career Planning Center would like to provide you with online resources during the COVID-19 crisis. This page has been created for students and alumnae to provide access to our online services. We are still booking virtual appointments through our office and you can schedule an appointment here.


Resume Samples 

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Cover Letter Sample

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Virtual Career Fairs

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Currently Enrolled Students

Please click below to access your Canvas account, then click on the CAR 101 course.

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Video Resources

Interview Skills

Career Planning Covid-19 Donation Policy

Donation Requirements

  • The Career Closet provides no contact donation drop off, and cannot assist donors unloading their cars or transporting items.  
  • Please limit your donations to no more than 2 bags or boxes per person. At this time, we have limited space, staff, and will be storing items for several days before processing. 
  • If you do have a large donation (more than 3 boxes), please email us for an appointment time (  Large donations cannot be accepted without an appointment.
  • We can only accept clothing items that have been FRESHLY cleaned and packaged in some way (i.e. bags, boxes).  Bags/boxes cannot be returned. Please do not donate items loose (i.e. clothing just on hangers).  For more information, please see the CDC Guidelines on clothing and laundry.
  • For accessories, please clean them prior to donating by wiping with cleaning wipes or diluted rubbing alcohol, and placing them in bags or boxes for transport.
  • If you or someone in your household has been sick or diagnosed with COVID-19, we ask that you refrain from donating your items at this time.

Professional clothing should be clean, contemporary, stylish, & suitable for today’s workplace

  • Professional and Dressy Clothing (for all identities):
  • Suits
  • Professional Separates – Tops, Bottoms (Pants & Skirts), & Dresses (All Sizes)
  • For ease of transporting, we accept clothing neatly bundled in bags or taped boxes (no hangers, please)

From CDC Guidelines:
It’s not certain how long the virus that causes COVID-19 survives on surfaces. WHO’s preliminary information on 2019-nCoV indicates it may persist for a few hours or up to several days, like other coronaviruses. Studies suggest that the time may vary by type of surface or temperature or humidity of the environment. But the most prudent risk minimization suggests leaving items bagged and sealed for as long as possible before subjecting human hands and respiration to them, even when well-protected.