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Career Development and Community Engagement
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Current Students

Start planning your post-college future beginning with your first days on campus. The Career Planning staff will assist you in every step of the process, from choosing a major to conducting a successful job search to selecting and applying to graduate school.

Explore Majors & Careers

Some students start college knowing exactly what they want to major in. Others don't know what to major in, or have a career goal but don’t know which majors will get them there. In fact, up to 50% of students change their majors at least once before graduation. The Career Planning Center has the resources that will help you discover your skills and interests so you can choose the major and/or career path that fits you.

Use the following link to learn typical career areas and types of employers that hire from a list of over 90 majors. You will be able to explore a variety of majors, search based on your chosen field and connect majors to careers.

Career Coaching

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Individual career coaching is available to assist students in relating information about themselves to specific occupations, to help with career decisions, the job search, and the graduate school application process.

Job Search

Search for jobs targeted to Cedar Crest College, upload your resume so that it can be searched by employers, view current job trends, what companies are hiring and what internships are available.


Internships are an excellent way to shape any career and can get you a head start in your field. Being an intern can help you explore a career, provide references, make contacts for your future and may even turn into a job. Visit the Internship page for more information on how to find and register for internships.

Your Key to a Successful College Experience

Perhaps the most important element of success in college or in your career is planning. Unless you know what you want from life, you are not likely to stumble across it. To assist in your planning, we have developed your “Key to a Successful College Experience