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Four Year Guarantee

Launched in Fall 2014, Cedar Crest College’s Four-Year Graduation (4YG) Guarantee is open to all first-year, traditional students.  Academically qualified candidates are enrolled full-time in a 4-year bachelor’s degree program, with the exception of Nuclear Medicine Technology. It does not apply to dual degree, fifth-year, or graduate programs. Provided students comply with all of the conditions of the program, Cedar Crest College will guarantee graduation within four years. The guarantee extends to one major only. While many students add additional majors and minors and finish within four years, Cedar Crest will not be able to provide four year guarantee in those cases.

Have questions about the Four Year Graduation Guarantee (4YG) program? Review the FAQs below, or talk to your advisor.

What is the Four Year Guarantee?

The Four Year Guarantee (4YG) program promises that you will graduate in four years if you follow certain guidelines. If you follow these guidelines and are not able to graduate in four years due to circumstances beyond your control, Cedar Crest College will take steps to expedite your graduation.

Who is eligible for the 4YG?

All entering first-year full-time traditional students are eligible for the 4YG program. SAGE and transfer traditional students are not eligible for the 4YG program.

What majors does the 4YG cover?

The 4YG program covers all majors available to traditional students, with the exception of Nuclear Medicine Technology. The 4YG program does not apply to dual-degree, fifth-year, or graduate programs.

Are double majors or dual degrees covered by the 4YG?

Double majors and dual degrees are not covered by the 4YG. If you are interested in more than one major or degree, you can sign a 4YG contract for only one of them. Although many students do complete more than one major in four years, we can only guarantee graduation in four years for a single major. Dual degrees require the completion of at least 30 additional credits at Cedar Crest and are not covered by the 4YG.

When can I sign a 4YG contract?

It’s recommended that you sign the 4YG contract during your first year at Cedar Crest. Most the 4YGs require that you sign the contract before the completion of 30 credits, but Genetic Engineering requires that the contract be signed by the end of your first semester.

What are the 4YG guidelines?

Each major has specific guidelines you must follow to remain in the 4YG program. These guidelines include things like when you must complete certain courses, what grades you must earn in certain courses, or at what point you must declare your major.

  • All 4YG contracts share a set of common guidelines, too. These include:
  • Be responsible for monitoring your academic progress
  • Enroll for 4 continuous academic years
  • Remain in good academic standing
  • Complete an average of 30 new credits, approved by your advisor, each academic year
  • Meet GPA requirements for the Liberal Arts Curriculum and your major
  • Meet with your advisor and/or the Director of Academic Advising as required
  • Resolve all registration holds prior to the registration period
  • Register for classes on your assigned date
  • Be responsive to all communications from Cedar Crest College

If you fail to meet any of these guidelines or the guidelines for your major, your 4YG contract will be voided.

How can the 4YG help me?

By signing a 4YG contract, you will become eligible for additional advising support that will help you stay on track for graduation. In addition, if you follow all the 4YG guidelines and the advice given to you by your advisor and/or the Director of Academic Advising and you’re not able to graduate in 4 years, Cedar Crest will expedite your graduation through options such as course substitutions or waivers, independent study, or by paying for you to take additional required courses.

Can I still graduate in 4 years if I don’t sign a 4YG contract?

Yes! The 4YG contract is an agreement between you and Cedar Crest College that we will both take certain steps to ensure you graduate in 4 years. Choosing not to sign a 4YG contract doesn’t prevent you from graduating in 4 years, but it also means that you won’t have the additional resources and protections provided by the 4YG contract if you aren’t able to graduate in 4 years.

What if I change my major after I sign a 4YG contract?

If you change your major after you sign a 4YG contract, that contract is voided. If you are changing your major after you’ve completed 30 credits, you may be able to sign another 4YG contract, depending on the new major you’ve selected. Talk to your advisor or the Director of Academic Advising to see if you are eligible to sign a new 4YG.

Can I sign a 4YG contract before declaring my major?

Yes. If you're certain about your major, but aren't able to declare it yet because you haven't completed the pre-requisite requirements (these vary by major), you can sign a 4YG contract now. Remember, however, that you still need to declare your major by the credits indicated on your 4YG contract to remain in the 4YG program, no matter how early you sign the 4YG.

Do I need to take my classes in the exact order listed on the 4YG academic plan?

LAC courses: CCC 101 College Life and your First Year Seminar (FYS) course must be taken in the Fall semester of your first year, and CCC 102 Exploring Your Future must be taken in the Spring semester of your first year. WRI 100 College Writing should also be taken in the Spring semester of your first year. Otherwise, you may choose to take the rest of your LAC courses in a different order than that described in the 4YG academic plan. Please keep in mind, however, that some LAC courses may also be pre-requisites for classes in your major, and taking them later than recommended may prevent you from progressing in your major in a timely fashion. Remember, too, that your major may recommend that you take certain LAC courses in conjunction with certain major courses because the material or time commitment required for these courses complement each other.

Major courses: Some of your major courses must be taken in the order described on the 4YG academic plan because either a) courses structured as pre-requisites or co-requisites must be taken in a certain order; or b) because courses may only be offered in certain semesters or certain years. The timing of other major courses may be more flexible.

Before you decide to take any class at a time other than that listed on the 4YG academic plan, you should check with your advisor to make sure you make the right decision.

What if I fall out of sequence with my courses?

If you do not take or complete courses as required by your 4YG or approved by your advisor, your 4YG contract may be voided.

Can I void my 4YG contract?

Yes. If you would no longer like to participate in the 4YG program, you must notify the Director of Academic Advising and your academic advisor through an email sent from your Cedar Crest email account.