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Traditional Admissions

E. Allen Richardson, Ph.D.
Professor, Religious Studies
610-437-4471 ext. 3320

Customize Your Degree

One of the many benefits of a liberal arts education is that you are given the opportunity to pursue a degree that includes coursework in multiple academic fields. Many students at Cedar Crest choose to combine their major with an additional major or minor. This enables them to pursue their own personal interests and offers them an opportunity to customize their background to best suit their career goals.

A minor in religious studies teaches you to view a country’s cultures and individuals from a different perspective. This quality is important within a number of fields and is valued by employers in many areas, including business, communication, psychology and more.

Global Studies Major and Religious Studies Minor

Global studies focuses on the connected nature of the world’s economy, politics, environment and religion. By adding a religious studies minor to this major, you will more fully understand the differences between a country’s economy, political structure and culture as it is fueled and influenced by its religion, both past and present. With a deeper understanding of a culture’s religion, you will better be able to interpret and understand a countries actions, communication and global engagement.

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Criminal Justice Major and Religious Studies Minor

In Cedar Crest’s criminal justice program, you will gain an understanding of criminal behavior and how that behavior is influenced. The courses focus on how factors such as environment and religion can influence a person’s behavior and how the manipulation of those factors can affect certain decisions that people make.

By adding a religious studies minor, criminal justice majors will better understand how religion influences a person’s actions and reactions. They will learn to understand the principles and beliefs associated with various religions and which factors might be contrary to these pivotal beliefs. By gaining a greater understanding of different religions, students will gain a better insight into a person’s environment and what role his or her religion plays in that environment.

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Social Work Major and Religious Studies Minor

The social work program at Cedar Crest is guided by a holistic approach that includes the spiritual dimensions of the human condition. To gain an even deeper understanding of these dimensions, many students choose to add a religious studies minor. In doing so, students better understand the human condition as it relates to various religions. This advanced knowledge of major religions (and how faith influences culture) will better prepare students for future interactions in the field of social work.

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Self Design a Religious Studies Major

Students may self design a major in religious studies by adding courses from related fields and/or enrolling in LVAIC courses in religion.

Some courses in the minor also offer students the opportunity to do supervised field work and may lead to internships or paid assistantships in the summer. Students are also encouraged to take additional courses in religious studies or anthropology at other LVAIC institutions.