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Traditional Admissions

Roxanne T. Amico
Department of Performing Arts
610-437-4471 ext. 3619

Performing Arts Events Management Minor

The Events Management minor is a unique opportunity for students interested in events management to gain practical experience and confidence in every area of events management right on their own campus. Through participation in the management of large and small events, students will have experience with the full scope and impact of live events on sponsors, vendors, catering, logistics, clients, and participants. Students who complete the requisite preparatory courses will collaborate with the college’s planning committees for the renown arts festival, MAYFAIR, on coordinating, organizing, planning, and implementation. In addition to MAYFAIR, the College is host to many large and small campus events, large-scale camps, summer residency programs, rentals and other conference related events that require careful planning, application of policies and procedures, management, and planning of logistics, follow up surveys and day-to-day attention to event details.  Students will broaden their knowledge and expand and hone their professional skills through work on live events.