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Career Opportunities for Nutrition Majors

Employment opportunities for dietitians are expected to continue to grow. Every year, the demand increases for qualified dietitians to provide meal planning and nutritional counseling and education in settings such as nursing homes, health care agencies, businesses, schools and other facilities.

Here are just some of the opportunities available to dietitians:

  • In business and industry. Dietitians work in food- and nutrition-related industries in product development, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, purchasing and other capacities.
  • In clinical settings. Dietitians are a vital part of medical teams in hospitals, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations and other health care facilities.
  • In the community. Dietitians provide information and advice in public schools and their community. They also provide outpatient services in government-funded programs in home health facilities, daycare centers and other community programs.
  • In public health agencies. Dietitians work with government agencies to provide monitoring, surveillance and advice to communities. They assist in health promotion, disease prevention, and epidemiology.
  • As consultants. Dietitians may be under contract at health care facilities or in their own private practice. They perform nutrition screenings and assess clients such as athletes, company employees, nursing home residents or those referred by physicians. At health care facilities, they often consult with food service managers and provide expertise on sanitation, safety, budgeting and nutrient assessment of meal.
  • As educators. Dietitians are faculty members of colleges, universities and community or technical schools, teaching future doctors, nurses, dietitians and dietetic technicians.
  • In food service management positions. Dietitians work in health care institutions, schools, cafeterias and restaurants. They are responsible for personnel management, menu planning, budgeting and purchasing.
  • As researchers. Dietitians work in government agencies, food and pharmaceutical companies and in universities and medical centers. They conduct research to answer critical nutrition questions that support the evidence based practice of nutrition.

Cedar Crest graduates have gone on to successful employment at many respected organizations in many industries, including:

  • Saint Luke’s and Lehigh Valley hospitals
  • Cura Hospitality/Phoebe Home
  • Aetna Health Insurance
  • Lehigh University
  • The Veterans Administration
  • Much more