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Cedar Crest nEXt: Progressive Learning

A pioneering program that takes the college experience to the next level, Cedar Crest nEXt provides an opportunity for students to build a customized portfolio of skills based on their personal and professional goals that meets leadership criteria set and validated by the college. The skill-building activities fall within five categories:


EXperienceEXperience: At Cedar Crest College, education is more than lectures, textbooks, and exams. In every major, students learn through experience. From internships to service projects, Cedar Crest students graduate with skills that employers find valuable and that allow them to immediately contribute in a positive way to their career fields and communities.

EXpeditionEXpedition: Cedar Crest makes it a priority to provide each and every student with a high-impact global experience. Starting in the spring of 2018, Cedar Crest College will officially launch the Sophomore Expedition which will take the entire sophomore class to a destination for service and learning with the cost of transportation and lodging covered by the College.

EXemplifyEXemplify: We provide resources that help our students develop the necessary skills to exemplify a balanced and healthy lifestyle. No matter what major students choose they can always incorporate their passions into their experience. Whether athletics, dance, theater, or even a second major, we offer a customized academic experience. Not only do we provide students with an outstanding education grounded in the liberal arts, we ensure that students graduate in four years through our Four-Year Guarantee program.

EXposureEXposure: They say, “It’s all about who you know.” But at Cedar Crest College, it’s more than that. Our highly credentialed faculty members develop close-knit relationships with their students as they help to build a solid platform for a successful career. Students also create relationships with professionals in their field through work with faculty members, providing exposure to opportunities that communicate the value of a Cedar Crest education.

EXcelEXcel: Leaders innovate, inspire, and most of all, take action! Our students do just that. With growth opportunities around every corner, Cedar Crest students develop critical thinking skills, communication abilities, and confidence. Whether it’s organizing a fundraiser, starting their own club, or driving their own research projects, our students develop the skills necessary to excel upon entering the workforce.

You’ll earn a digital badge each time you complete a qualified activity or experience. The badges will be added to your personal profile in the Merit ® online system, creating a unique digital portfolio of your skills and achievements that will help demonstrate the value of your Cedar Crest education to potential employers.