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School of Adult and Graduate Education

Traditional Admissions

History, Languages and Literature

Shine a Light on the Human Condition

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The academic disciplines that comprise the Department of History, Languages and Literature focus on the humanities and celebrate the achievements of human culture and imagination – books, films, language, governments, and more. Through the study of English, writing, history, political science, Spanish, and philosophy, the humanities explore the possibilities and challenges of the human experience over time and place, preparing globally-minded graduates for a wide range of professional opportunities.

Cedar Crest humanities students benefit from an exceptionally, close-knit learning community where opportunities for collaboration, analysis and creative expression foster individual passions. Curricular choices intentionally balance traditional courses with contemporary interests. Here, English students study comic books and Nobel Prize-winning women authors. History and political science students examine the historical context for zombies, study the city as history and explore presidential politics. Students of Spanish refine language skills for careers in health care, law and business.
Internships attuned to professional development reveal the power of a humanities degree. Our students write for online and print publications; provide Spanish-language support in Lehigh Valley healthcare settings; work in local museums, art galleries and historical societies; and participate in political action. Small class sizes mean that professors spend more time with each student, providing a personal level of mentoring and support unheard of at most schools.

Meeting the Needs of All Students

With course offerings during the day and evening and online, humanities programs here are popular with traditional students and working adults alike. Designed with busy adults in mind, our School of Adult and Graduate Education specializes in flexibility. Adult student services provide academic support and services designed to help adult learners succeed while they manage busy lives.

Learning for Leadership

The study of the humanities represents the core of a liberal arts education. As such, the humanities are closely linked to the overall mission of the College. The humanities educate women for leadership through development of the sound critical thinking and communications skills necessary to share an appreciation of the human condition and a passion to improve it.