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E. Allen Richardson, Ph.D.
Professor, Religious Studies
610-437-4471 ext. 3320

Global Studies Major

Focus your experience by selecting one of three global studies concentrations.

The global studies major at Cedar Crest is designed with an interdisciplinary approach, providing multiple concentrations that will allow you to specialize in a specific area within the field of global studies. Here, you will also have the flexibility to add another major or minor that will complement your global studies coursework and further prepare you for your chosen career.

Focusing Your Studies

In your first semesters here, you will take global studies courses that provide a broad view of globalization: the process by which the world has become increasingly connected in an economic, political, cultural and environmental sense. After you have completed these introductory courses, you will be required to focus your studies by choosing one of the three concentrations described below.

Religion, Culture and Society Concentration
This concentration will provide greater insight into the ways that religion interacts with culture in the global arena. Students will explore transnational forms of religion and the mechanisms that help them become established in the United States. If you choose this concentration you may also want to minor in religious studies or anthropology, since many of the courses in these two programs overlap.

International Business and Economics Concentration
In a time when businesses are becoming increasingly intercontinental, corporations are seeking employees with an understanding of business practices and theories, both domestic and abroad. This concentration combines courses in international business and international economics. The business courses cover global business structure, theories of trade and investment, and international marketing strategies and policies. The economics courses explore the theory, policies and markets for international trade and finance.

Global Stewardship Concentration
This concentration focuses on environment issues, ecology and conservation from a global perspective. You will participate in courses in a number of academic disciplines including biology, sociology, English and many others. You will also have the option of exploring marine ecology, biodiversity, and environmental science, as well as nature writing and the role of disease in human communities.

The Benefits of a Global Studies Major

Students who complete the global studies major, via one of the offered concentrations, will:

  • Develop increased global awareness
  • Gain knowledge of the implications of political and economic policies on social, political and ecological issues
  • Understand the relationship between anthropogenic causes, policies and agreements on climate change
  • Learn more about international agencies and their policies regarding human rights, the environment, currency, tariffs, exchange rates, loans for development and more
  • Gain knowledge of strategies used in international business
  • Explore the continuing debates about globalization and climate change
  • Gain increased understanding of cultural differences and the process of acculturation, assimilation and the development of transnational patterns of religion
  • Understand the complex patterns of immigration and transnationalism
  • Acquire language proficiency and understanding of the role of language differences in a globalized environment