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Traditional Admissions

E. Allen Richardson, Ph.D.
Professor, Religious Studies
610-437-4471 ext. 3320

Global Studies Faculty

John Cigliano

John A. Cigliano

Professor of Biology
Director of Biodiversity & Conservation Biology
B.S., University of Rochester
Ph.D., Boston University
Miller 27
Ext. 3702




Director of Biodiversity & Conservation Biology
B.S., University of Rochester; Ph.D., Boston University

Research Interests

"My research interests include marine ecology and conservation, especially the conservation of marine fisheries and the effect of global warming and climate change on marine populations. Current research projects in my lab include determining whether a marine reserve in Belize is effectively conserving queen conch populations and using computer modeling to study the long-term effects of global warming and overfishing on marine species. I am also collaborating with Dr. Rich Kliman on a project studying the conservation genetics of queen conch. "

Career Highlights

After completing his doctoral dissertation on octopus behavioral ecology, John Cigliano, Ph.D. became interested in marine conservation issues and has been working on marine conservation ever since. His current research is on queen conch conservation ecology, the effectiveness of a marine reserve in Belize on conserving queen conch populations, and the conservation genetics of queen conch (in collaboration with Rich Kliman, Ph.D.), as well as studying the long-term effects global warming and overfishing on marine species.

John Cigliano, Ph.D. is also an active member of the Society for Conservation Biology and is on the board of governors of the Society's Marine Section. He has chaired and been on the organizing committee of the International Marine Conservation Congress, a major meeting for marine conservation researchers and practitioners. He is also committed to conservation education and is part of the American Museum of Natural History's Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners. John Cigliano, Ph.D. has a special interest in providing students with international field experience and has taught field courses in the Amazon rainforest and on the coral reefs of the Caribbean.


John Cigliano, Ph.D. is a member of the Society for Conservation Biology.

Courses Taught

Marine Ecology, Marine Field Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Genetics, & Evolution, Living Learning Community in Environmental Stewardship Animal Behavior

Why Cedar Crest College

"I chose to teach at Cedar Crest because of its commitment to the liberal arts and the strong tradition of undergraduate research in the Department of Biological Sciences. I am equally excited about the College's commitment to women's leadership and global connectivity."


"My advice is for students to take advantage of all the great academic and co-curricular activities and opportunities that are provide here. College is a time for intellectual and emotional growth. And there is no better place for young women to do this than at Cedar Crest College. And while it's very important to work hard and be serious in their studies, students should not forget to also have fun."


"Passionate students who have a desire to learn. And seeing these students develop into self-confident, capable leaders and scientists."

Becoming a Teacher

"When I began teaching as a graduate student. I knew right away that I loved teaching and wanted to teach at the college level."



E. Allen Richardson

Professor, Religious Studies

A.B., Syracuse University
M.Div., Union Theological Seminary
Ph.D., University of Arizona
Curtis Hall 237



Theta Alpha Kappa – National Honorary Society for Theology and Religion Research
Affiliate of the Pluralism Project at Harvard University.


B.A., Syracuse University (1969)
M.Div., Union Theological Seminary (1972)
Ph.D., University of Arizona (1979)

Career Highlights:

Publications: East Comes West: Asian Religions and Cultures in North America (Pilgrim Press, 1985), Islamic Cultures in North America (Pilgrim Press, 1985), Strangers in This Land: Pluralism and the Reponse to Diversity in the United States (Pilgrim Press: 1988), Strangers in This Land: Religion, Pluralism and the American Dream (Revised Edition, McFarland Press, 2010), Letters from a Distant Shore: The Journal of Sarah Ann Breath (Gorgias Press 2008), "Asian Religions in the United States: The Role of the 1893 World's Parliament of Religions in Shaping an Evolving Pluralist Ideology" in The Cambridge History of Religions in America (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, Spring 2012), Developing a text on the Vallabha Sampradaya, a Hindu devotional sect, in the United States. Forthcoming - McFarland Press.

Courses Taught:

Hinduism in America
Buddhism in America
Psychology of Religion
Intro to Religion and Culture
Ancient Egyptian Religion
Spirituality and Wellness
Death and Dying

Why Choose Cedar Crest?

Cedar Crest College is a student centered institution. I value the classroom experience and the opportunities to work with students. I have taught at Cedar Crest for 20 years and have been enriched by this emphasis which is qualitatively different from many other institutions.


I am interested in experiential education and consider it to be an important part of Religious Studies. I routinely take students to visit temples and mosques in the United States and also take them abroad. I have taken students to Egypt and India. This is an important part of education which builds on global awareness and connectivity.


I am constantly influenced by the expanding presence of mainstream Asian religions in the U.S. The religious face of America is changing rapidly as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and other traditions make the United States their home. In time, this will also change the fabric of American culture, connecting us with a wide variety of peoples and cultures.

How Did You Become a Teacher?

I taught as a teaching assistant and instructor while a graduate student at the University of Arizona. It was at that point that I became aware that this was what I wanted to do. 


Pluralism Project
Author page for Amazon

Jennifer Webb

Administrative Assistant
Curtis Hall 239
Ext. 3473