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Writing Major

Effective communication has become increasingly important to employers and to all educated people in today’s world. As our world has become more globalized, more digitized, and more dynamic, college graduates need to develop the advanced comprehension and communication skills that will prepare them for a life of change and adaptation.

The ability to write well adds to students’ confidence that they will be able to perform well in careers that require effective communication and creative problem-solving. The Writing major allows students who have an interest in writing to develop their abilities further and to acquire flexibility and fluency as creative and professional writers, as well as familiarity with a range of platforms for their published work.

The major also offers students the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience through the internship option. Students interested in a literature-focused program should choose the English major or minor.

Mission Statement

The writing major prepares students to produce rhetorically and aesthetically sophisticated writing across a number of literary and professional genres. Students apply their foundational studies in rhetoric and literature to inform their writing in these genres. The major allows students to improve the quality of their writing while enhancing their ability to read, comprehend, analyze, and edit their own and others’ writing. These skills are the foundation for a career and a life of leadership, civic engagement, creativity, and scholarship.

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