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School of Adult and Graduate Education

Traditional Admissions

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor 

The Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor consists of courses that center on women’s experience, but also, more broadly, on the concepts of gender and sexuality, which are at the roots of our understanding of what it means to be human. The courses in the minor are from across the curriculum. The variety of academic disciplines that make up the minor reflect the interdisciplinary nature of WGSS, which should be approached from a wide range of cultural, historical, and theoretical lenses. 

The minor in WGSS consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours, and at least half the credits must be taken at Cedar Crest College. Students pursuing the minor are required to take the introductory course GND 100 and five electives. No course with a grade of less than C- may be counted to satisfy a minor requirement. The minimum cumulative grade-point average for a minor is 2.000. No more than 3 credits may be completed in independent study.

Program Director

Peter Nagy, Ph.D. 
Department of History, Literature, and Languages 

Professor Peter Nagy has a background in queer theory and gender studies. He has published on issues related to women’s representation, LGBT representation, and queer masculinity. His courses frequently address issues related to gender and sexuality. He serves as a liaison to the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center and to the LVAIC WGSS conference committee.