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English as a Second Language (ESL) Certification Program

This program is offered entirely online.

This program provides the opportunity to become certified to teach English language learners in the K-12 classroom. Once you have your teaching certification you can add this valuable certification.

The new 17 credit curriculum includes course work which meets the needs of students from diverse multicultural backgrounds and now includes all requirements set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The program also includes a 60 hour field experience where teachers gain valuable knowledge working directly with diverse student populations.

Some key features of the program:

  • You will study the relationship between cultures and effective teaching strategies for all students.
  • Cognitive stages of language development, basic linguistics and the structure of English will be introduced as you develop competency in the integration of TESOL and PDE standards.
  • You will understand the impact that being a non-native English speaker has on the learning process and socialization in the classroom.
  • An emphasis is placed on the teacher's respect and appreciation for culture and language.
  • Goals will be achieved through class lecture, discussion, research, presentations and practical application projects.
  • Courses are eligible for Act-48 credit.