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School of Adult and Graduate Education

Traditional Admissions



Educational Studies

The field of education provides ample opportunities outside of the traditional school setting. The educational studies major at Cedar Crest College is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide you with fundamental knowledge in educational theory and effective practices that relate to teaching and learning in various fields. Unlike other education programs, this major does not lead to teacher certification.  Instead, you will be prepared to teach or serve as an instructional leader in a career opportunity that is outside of the typical classroom.

Cedar Crest is committed to preparing you to make a difference in the workplace by participating in roles which further the education of others, advocate for others, or create a new business opportunity. Some fields that make use of non-traditional teaching methods may include: training and instruction, staff development, non-profit organizations, community outreach, daycare, and children and youth programs.

As a graduate with a B.S. in Educational Studies, you will have the flexibility to work with children and/or adults in education related fields. You will be prepared to work in a number of positions in community education, environmental or outdoor education non-profit service organizations, religious education, or the publishing field. You will also be qualified for advising, student affairs, and admissions work in higher education, or for employment as a program director, corporate trainer, instructional designer, standardized test developer, or private tutor.

Program Highlights

  • Flexible scheduling includes accelerated, online, hybrid, evening/weekend and daytime courses
  • Small class sizes designed for personalized attention
  • Highly qualified, dedicated faculty
  • Leading edge-curriculum based on standards developed by specialized professional associations
  • Customizable degree program tailored to personal interests and career goals

Program Requirements

Major Requirements
(2) College level math courses
BIO 111: Concepts in Ecology
PSY 100: Introduction to Psychology
SOC 100: Introduction to Culture & Society
WRI 100: College Writing

Core Education Courses
ECE 101: Introduction to Early Childhood Education OR EDU 100: Perspectives on Secondary Education
ECE 305: Issues and Advocacy in Education
EDU 240: Nutrition, Health, and Safety
EDU 359: Teaching the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
SPE 242/243: Special Education Processes and the Exceptional Child
SPE Elective

Interdisciplinary Major Requirements
ACC 101: Financial Accounting
BUA 220: Human Resources Management
COM 100: Introduction to Communication
COM 102: Media Literacy OR COM 120: Introduction to New Media
COM 210: Interpersonal Communication
ENG 230: Introduction to Professional Writing
LDR 150 : Foundations of Leadership
PSY 227: Principles of Helping Relationships
PSY 230: Team Building & Group Dynamics
SWK 300: Community Organizing
THS 105: Public Speaking

Capstone Experience (6 credits)
EDU 380: Research and Community Engagement in Educational Studies

Electives (17 credits)
*Note: Several of the Interdisciplinary Major courses have LAC designations. If the courses are used to fulfill LAC requirements, then more elective credits will be needed to complete the 120 credits required for degree completion and graduation.

*Please note that students must complete all Liberal Arts Courses (47 credits) as required by the College.

Educational Studies Minor

The minor in Educational Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with fundamental knowledge in educational theory and effective practices that relate to teaching and learning in many different fields. This minor introduces students to education and its related fields including psychology, social work, special education, and art. The participant in this minor will engage in child development studies, leadership, and advocacy. This Education Department also offers a BS in Educational Studies for those who want to pursue this discipline further.

The minor is 18 credits. Twelve credits are education courses and 6 credits are electives from other disciplines.

Note: The Educational Studies program may not be combined with any other education program (Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, and/or Special Education) as a dual major or minor.