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Dietetic Internship Program

School of Adult and Graduate Education

Distance Track

Complete the internship in YOUR community

  • Applicants design a rotation schedule that aligns with their unique professional goals and in the communities where they want to live and work.
  • Applicants must secure their CLINICAL and ONE COMMUNITY rotation at the time of application.

Rotation Planning: Finding Your Preceptors and Facilities

STEP 1: Review the facility and preceptor requirements for each rotation before you start contacting preceptors:

2023-2024 Rotation Requirements

Interns cycle through the following rotations:

  • 1 Clinical [hospital or long-term care]
  • 1 Food Service Management
  • 1 Community Site 1
  • 1 Community Site 2

NOTE: All interns will return to Community Site 1 during Concentration.
All applicants applying for the distance track need to secure the following in order to apply:

  • 1 facility and preceptor for the Clinical rotation
  • 1 facility and preceptor for a Community rotation

 If you match to our program, we will assist you in securing the remainder of your sites. 

STEP 2: Applicants must select Track A or Track B. These tracks are different only in schedule- content and learning is identical between the two tracks. Please complete the Rotation Schedule Form as a part of your Distance Application.

STEP 3: After securing facilities & preceptors, each preceptor must complete the Commitment Form and email it back to you. You will submit this as part of your Distance Application to