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Dietetic Internship Program

School of Adult and Graduate Education

Application Instructions

The Cedar Crest College DI accepts applications using the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System known as DICAS.  The DI participates in the Spring computer matching process through D&D Digital.  Applicants must register and pay for these two systems as part of the National Match. Be sure to connect with your DPD directors to ensure that you understand the process.

Snapshot Summary

Step 1: Create an account and complete the DICAS Application
Step 2: Register online with D&D Digital and rank CCC as a priority choice
Step 3: Complete the Cedar Crest College DI Student Online Application and submit your $60 application fee
Step 4: Submit your Preceptor Commitment Forms and Rotation Schedule if applying to the Distance Track
Step 5: Complete a web conference interview followed by a written interview component (invitation only)

Detailed Application Instructions

Step 1
Create an account at and complete the DICAS application by February 15th.

  • Be sure to follow all CCC DI's instructions for the DICAS application as listed below
  • Record your DICAS ID# to include on your Cedar Crest College DI online application


  • When completing the application form, applicants must include the name and contact information (specifically an e-mail address) for each reference. This will generate an e-mail requesting completion of a reference form.

For the Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship, you must submit 3 references:

  • One must be from DPD faculty
  • One from any faculty
  • One from a work or volunteer position supervisor

NOTE: Personal references will not be accepted. Faculty references must come from faculty who worked with you as an instructor. For example, if you worked with a faculty member as a TA in his/her class but never took a class with that instructor, the faculty member could write a work reference for you but should not submit a faculty reference. The faculty references must have taught you in class, so they are able to address your skills as a student.

Personal Statement Criteria

  • Applicants who apply to internships using DICAS will be asked to complete a personal statement in 1,000 words or less.
  • Please address the following in your personal statements:
    • Your personal experiences that have prepared you for your future career
    • Your short and long-term goals
    • Your strengths and areas you wish to continue to improve on
    • Why you are applying to Cedar Crest College AND
    • What separates you from the rest of the applicant pool?

Resume/ E-portfolio

  • All applicants are required to submit their current resume in a PDF in supplemental materials on DICAS.
  • It is appropriate to include professional work and volunteer experiences even when they are not dietetics related.
  • E-portfolio is strongly recommended but not required - a link can be emailed to

Step 2

Register online with D&D
Rank your Cedar Crest College DI choices as follows:

  • Distance Track (nationwide with interns selecting locations/sites): #149
  • Onsite Track (Allentown, PA/Lehigh Valley Greater Area): #150

NOTE: You may apply to both tracks!

Step 3

Complete the Cedar Crest College DI Student Online Application Form.
Submit the $60 application fee online.

NOTE: Applicants applying to both tracks, only pay one $60 application. The $60 application fee is waived for all current Cedar Crest College students. All materials submitted as part of the application process will be considered the property of Cedar Crest College and will not be returned.

Step 4

If applying to the Distance Track, please review Distance Track information. Submit the Distance Rotation Schedule Form and 2 completed Preceptor Commitment Forms.  All files should be saved as separate PDFs with your last name and the associated rotation. Example: "Smith_Community Site 1"
Email all documents in one email to before February 15.
Email Subject: Last, First Name_Distance Materials
NOTE:Applications will not be reviewed if 2 or more forms are not received by the deadline.

Step 5

Interview Process

Only candidates being considered for acceptance will be invited for a web conference interview in March. If invited to interview, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to reserve a web conference date and time. Instructions for submission will be provided when notified of the invitation to interview.

NOTE:  Effective for the 2023 internship cohort, following formal acceptance to the Program, students without a master's degree will be required to enroll in a master's program as described in Online Graduate Program Options. A separate application is not needed.

Current Cedar Crest College DPD and MHS students, please review the Pre-Select Application Instructions as provided by your program director.