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Traditional Admissions

Media Studies Major

Think quickly: When did you last view an advertisement?

If you’re like most Americans, it was probably within the past few minutes. The average American is exposed to over 3,000 ads a day—from television and radio advertisements to billboards, Web ads and sponsored text messages. In fact, you’ll spend about 3 years of your life watching TV ads alone.

With a major in media studies, you will discover how people experience and understand media content, and you’ll explore the roles of the media in our rapidly evolving society.

You’ll also learn how to analyze and critique media texts, including those in newspapers, magazines, film, advertisements and new media—and you’ll create written, oral, and visual media content of your own.

Many Cedar Crest students choose to combine a major in media studies with business, marketing, political science, English, or education, because they understand that employees with communication and media literacy skills are in high demand. Graduates with these skills are prepared to become leaders in tomorrow’s workforce.

A strong background in media studies can prepare you for graduate studies and/or careers in:

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Radio
  • Film production and development
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Business management
  • Public policy
  • Ethics and legal fields


Enhance your degree with one of our cutting-edge, technology-focused online concentrations, developed in conjunction with faculty experts at leading academic institutions.  

  • Digital Marketing: Learn to build the brands people love and launch a career in one of the most opportunity-rich fields in the world.    
  • Web Design: Study visual design, human-computer interaction, and programming to make the Internet beautiful and functional.