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Traditional Admissions

Joshua Harrington
Mathematics Department Chair
Mathematics Assistant Professor
610-437-4471 Ext 3375

Mathematics Minor

Enhance your problem-solving, analytical, and mathematical skills with a math minor.

Cedar Crest is committed to providing students with the preparation they need to become successful in their chosen career. Because of the importance of mathematics in virtually every field, adding a mathematics minor to your program of study may assist you in your future endeavors.

Mathematics minor courses are specifically designed to stress analytical skills and problem solving techniques. Courses in mathematics can help you:

  • Develop quantitative problem-solving skills which transfer to other academic contexts
  • Learn how to critically interpret numerical and symbolic information
  • Use appropriate technology applicable to mathematics to enhance learning and enrich the intellectual environment
  • Prepare for math-related careers in education, government, business, and industry, or advanced academic training in mathematics or related fields

Common Major/Minor Combinations

Many Cedar Crest students have combined a math minor with a major in:

  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Computer information systems

However, a math minor may be added to virtually any major available at Cedar Crest College.