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Joshua Harrington
Mathematics Department Chair
Mathematics Assistant Professor
610-437-4471 Ext 3375

Mathematics Major

Earning your bachelor’s degree in mathematics will reward you with a versatile and empowering degree that will prepare you for graduate studies as well as a wide variety of challenging, satisfying careers, including ones in which women have traditionally been underrepresented. This major is especially well-suited for students also majoring in business, education, finance, law, medicine and the sciences.

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Learn why studying mathematics can be beneficial to every student.

About Our Program

Our mathematics department is strongly committed to providing you with a solid and broad-based mathematical foundation. You will also be taught the nature and structure of mathematics, its processes and applications. You will also hone your skills in analytical and logical reasoning, using methods based on classical mathematical thought. Then, you will be encouraged to apply those critical thinking skills to problems in various disciplines and situations.

Program Objectives

The mathematics curriculum at Cedar Crest College is designed to help you:

  • Explore the range, beauty and power of mathematical ideas
  • Develop quantitative problem-solving skills which transfer to other academic contexts
  • Gain facility in the language and techniques of mathematics
  • Develop the ability to critically interpret numerical and symbolic information
  • Read, verify and construct mathematical proofs
  • Participate in the mathematical discovery process
  • Construct, analyze, and solve elementary mathematical models in applied mathematics
  • Use appropriate technology applicable to mathematics to enhance learning and enrich the intellectual environment
  • Prepare for mathematical careers in education, government, business, and industry, or advanced academic training in mathematics or related fields

Common Dual-Major Combinations

Many Cedar Crest students have combined a math major with another major in:

  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Computer information systems
  • Secondary education (see below)
  • The visual and performing arts, including art and theatre

For Secondary Education Students

Many mathematics majors in our department are pursuing certification in secondary education. There is a nationwide demand for mathematics teachers. Currently, all of the Cedar Crest students who earned their degree in mathematics with a secondary education co-major have been hired by school districts upon graduation.