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Joshua Harrington
Mathematics Department Chair
Mathematics Assistant Professor
610-437-4471 Ext 3375

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As we enter the 21st century, there is an increasing demand for mathematicians in the workforce, especially women. The mathematician of today no longer sits behind a desk doing tedious calculations: She may be developing a mathematical model of a biological or chemical system, writing a computer program to control a large industrial process, piecing together animated computer graphics, or teaching a high school algebra class. Careers involving mathematics enable women to pursue a variety of challenging, rewarding, and lucrative positions at salaries well above those job fields traditionally occupied by women.

Students who major in math are some of the best and brightest students at Cedar Crest, and they include many students who are combining mathematics with a major in another discipline, such as business, education, the sciences or the arts.

As a math major at Cedar Crest College, you will find a curriculum designed to provide you with a broad-based mathematical foundation, as well as invaluable life skills, such as a greater ability to think analytically and solve problems. At our liberal arts college, you will be encouraged to apply these math-based skills to a wide variety of disciplines, including those in seemingly unrelated fields.

Advanced mathematics courses will further strengthen your knowledge and prepare you to succeed in a variety of future endeavors, including:

  • A math-related career in business, education, science or industry
  • Graduate studies in mathematics, the sciences, business or another field
  • A pre-professional test or examination such as those given by the Actuarial Society
  • Using math-related critical thinking and problem-solving skills in everyday life

Recent graduates of the mathematics program at Cedar Crest College have gone on to employment in Wall Street, CIGNA HealthCare, IBM Corporation, Pentamation Enterprises, Software Consulting Services, education, and the banking industry. Also, many of our graduates have continued their studies in graduate programs at respected institutions such as Lehigh University and the University of Tennessee.

The Cedar Crest College Advantage

Flexible degree planning
Cedar Crest College encourages students of any major to add a mathematics major or minor to their degree. Chemistry majors may easily dual major in math simply by adding a few courses.

Unique course offerings
We offer customized “special topics” courses based upon student interest. We also offer specialized math courses designed for dual-major students, including those majoring in business, health care or education.

A balanced approach
Our well-rounded curriculum will better prepare you for a wide array of future pursuits. Here, you will learn applied mathematics, which is used in industry, science, and health care, as well as theoretical mathematics, such as modern algebra and number theory.

Flexible, customized scheduling
Our faculty members work closely with upper-level students to schedule required courses, sometimes offering private sessions or rescheduling classes to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

Experienced, dedicated faculty
Our faculty members are experts in their field and have real-world experience. Many of our professors hold doctoral degrees, and our department chair is certified to teach mathematics in secondary education. All faculty members take pride in mentoring students throughout their studies.

Valuable networking opportunities
Many of our math majors attend meetings of EPaDel, the local chapter of the Math Association of America. There, students are able to network with math students from other learning institutions.

Mission Statement

The mathematics program emphasizes creative engagement in mathematical thinking and confident problem solving, skills widely recognized as critical in confronting our national and global challenges. The course of study stresses analytical and logical reasoning skills based on classical mathematical thought.

Grounded in the liberal arts, the curriculum stresses an understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics, its processes, and applications. Courses in this major are designed to develop in the student critical thinking skills and the ability to apply them to problems within various disciplines as well as cross-disciplinary problems.

The B.S. in mathematics is a versatile and empowering degree, enabling the graduate to work in a wide variety of career areas in satisfying, challenging positions, and at salaries well above those job fields traditionally occupied by women.

A mathematics major can lead to graduate study in mathematics, but also prepares a student for programs in law, finance, and medicine.

Despite dramatic increases in the number of women studying sciences and technology, mathematics remains a disciplinary stronghold, an area in which women are still vastly underrepresented. The department is strongly committed to the goal of increasing the participation of women in mathematics and mathematics education, and affirms the importance of this goal for a women’s college.